Old school methods for newbie launchers

The web is the home a billions of websites and new ones are launched every second. It is not common for the oldest sites to rule the web, since there have been many new sites that have achieved greater success than they ever thought sooner than they imagined. But can your new site make it in this fierce environment or should give up from the start?

Even though it is a changing world and you have to keep up the pace if you want your site to be popular, there are a few old school methods that will never die. If you are really looking to make a name for your site and the brand you want to promote, you have to know you will go for the right methods instead of new ones that can penalize your site.

One of the oldest options you have at hand when it comes to site promotion is journalists. They were the ones that could make or break a brand a few years back and their influence is still powerful even over the web. If you want to be sure you will have a good start, they are the ones you should rely on to post articles and links to your site as well.

The real value of quality articles

Old school SEO methods

Blog posts are also a sure method you can think of, but you have to make the right choice. Instead of paying a few dollars for a post that does not relate to the topic of the blog can drop your site from the top ranks sooner than you can imagine, yet high quality articles with valuable content for users linking back to your site will always work.

If you want to get a better rank, you can also buy links to your site, but this is also one of the options you need to be very careful with. There are many sites that sell links to everyone who wants to buy and their value is inexistent. If you will rely on advertisements on popular sites in your industry, this is where you will find the real value of them.

Freebies are also a very good option when you want to attract visitors, yet you have to be sure what you have to offer is not the same as they can find on dozens of other sites. No matter if you put together an ebook, an app, a guide or who knows what else, as long as it is original and of great quality, you can be sure it will bring in a lot more traffic.

There are many other options you can turn to when you want to build links to your site that will get you among the top ranks in search engines, but it is up to you to find a few more on your own. If you want to get a good start and you want to read what others have to say about it, you can try the forum at Webmaster World for the best details. Also, please consider our SEO results obtained wit our link building services!

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