One-Time Vs. Ongoing SEO. Dissect the Topic in Terms of Money, Time and Results


1. Introduction

There is a common struggle SEO professionals and agencies have to deal with and that is explaining the need for a long term SEO strategy as well as the differences between a one-time and ongoing SEO. According to, webmasters are convinced that they only need to focus on SEO services when they first launch their website because “benefits reaped from these initial tactics will be evergreen and never require updates.” However, this is not true at all. There is actual a demand for both types of campaigns in place because both options have their own purpose.

When talking about costs, it is important to understand that a one-time campaign has a fixed price you pay only once, while for a monthly campaign, you have to set out a budget for it each month. You will be able to start seeing results after both types of SEO campaigns. However, after investing in a one-time package, you only begin to see results. This option can also count as an SEO booster. But, when it comes to long term SEO consulting services, the results improve over time and you could expect to reach the top after a year or more. It all depends on a multitude of factors.

A main advantage that an ongoing campaign can offer is metrics. The data collected regarding the way SEO efforts deliver certain results can be analysed and used to adjust strategies for an even better outcome.

Let’s talk about the differences between ongoing SEO and one-time SEO in terms of money, time and results.

2. What are the differences in their prices?

This is an essential aspect of any SEO approach, which is carefully considered by webmasters when they think about investing in SEO packages. The undeniable truth is that many business owners do not understand that a one-time campaign is never going to replace an ongoing SEO collaboration with the right agency. According to, if you pay for a one-time campaign or the fee for a month’s worth of SEO services, the price is mostly the same.

So, why should you even consider opting for a long term campaign when you could get the one-time deal and be done with it? Because this is not an accurate conclusion. The important fact that you need to understand here is that a one-time SEO package is designed to act as a booster, while the ongoing SEO approach will provide better and better results by making decisions based on the information the SEO agency collects regarding their SEO efforts associated with your website. In simpler terms, when you are looking at SEO as a long term investment, you can be certain that the results will be worth it.

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3. How Long Does the Results of Each Method Last?

Seeing as a one-time campaign is only a booster, this means that a webmaster should expect to begin seeing some results after it is done by the right SEO agency. Will these results last? Yes, but only for a limited amount of time. If you don’t continue with your SEO efforts, your website’s rank will begin being affected and you’ll notice that other sites are ranked higher on the first search engine results pages.

For long term SEO consulting services, the situation is completely different. Yes, results can be seen as early as 4-6 weeks, but to continue seeing them, you need to rely on a team that understands your long term goals and how to achieve them. It is important to keep at it because the online world changes all the time. In matter of SEO, this means that the changes apply to “ not only who you compete against, but how, when, where and why they compete.” (according to

What Results Should You Expect from Each Type?

A one-time package can be used in a number of situations, including when you are first starting out and have just launched your website. This would be considered one of the smartest ways of getting your site indexed by Google and begin building your online presence. At this point, you can start collecting data for further adjustments of your SEO strategy, even if you have just invested in a one-time deal. The results delivered in this case are noticeable, but not dramatic.

With ongoing SEO campaigns, the situation changes from month to month. The strategies implemented by the SEO provider will help your business benefit from what is called “natural” growth by relying on tactics that follow Google’s guidelines. It might take a year, two or three until you can say that you are at the top of search engine results for any service or product that you are offering to your customers. It may sound like a long time, but this is when you will begin seeing an unprecedented ROI (return on investment). All of the SEO efforts have built up to this point.

Why Should You Let Gamit Help You?

Is one-time SEO better or is ongoing SEO better? At a first glance, you might say that it is a matter of perception or a matter of budget. Maybe for some businesses, one-time SEO packages are better. For others, investing in ongoing SEO campaigns might be the best way to go. Actually, there are times when a booster is needed for SEO purposes (to recover lost ranks, to test the services of an SEO agency, to see a boost in rankings and so on). But, an ongoing SEO strategy will always be the best approach because it relies on accurate data regarding what works for a website and what doesn’t.

Gamit has 13 years of experience in the SEO industry and a team of professionals ready to take on any SEO task. The company provides both one-time packages and ongoing packages that can be easily adapted to any budget. Making the best choice for your business is a matter of setting your goals. Do you need quick results for a short term goal? Are you looking for long term results that will maximize your ROI? Our team can offer you the best search engine optimization solution due to our extensive knowledge and experience associated with the SEO field.

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