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Why outsourcing SEO services to GAMIT might be a game-changer for your agency

1. Should your agency introduce SEO services?

A digital marketing agency has the role to help its clients with different online marketing problems. Most small agencies start by resolving only one problem. Usually, they have a single service through which they help their clients.

As the agencies grow, they need to increase the number of services offered and the number of problems that they need to solve increases. There are two main paths that an agency can take. It can introduce more services to improve their ability to solve the problem. For example, an agency that helps businesses to generate more traffic through Google Ads. May introduce a service that makes the same but through Facebook Ads.

By taking this path the agency can specialize in resolving a single problem. By doing this, the results they produce for their clients will grow in quality and quantity. On the other hand, this method restricts the number of problems that an agency can solve.

The second path it can take is to increase the number of problems it solves. For example, an agency that helps its clients to acquire paid traffic through Google Ads. could introduce an SEO service through which it will help their clients to acquire organic traffic.

By doing this the agency could strive to reach a “full package” meaning it will offer a service for every online marketing problem that its clients have. This will help them acquire more clients because they can solve a large number of problems. On the other hand, this method will create an unstable relationship with their clients because the results they produce will not be the best.

You may ask, why must an agency choose a path? Because the resources, it has, are limited, especially the time resource. To create a department for two or three services that solve a problem and repeat that for 3 or four of these problems will require a lot of time.

The time needed is long because the persons that have the required skills are hard to find. These are skills that only a small amount of people knows. The time needed to create more than ten teams for all the services is too much.

Indeed, over a period of ten years or more an agency can choose to do that, but even then, it must firstly focus on a single path before being able to reach that goal. But the majority do not pursue that goal.

For an agency, the hardest service to introduce is SEO, because it is the most complex one in the online marketing industry. The level of knowledge and experience than someone needs to accumulate before being able to produce high-quality results in this field is gigantic in comparison with the others.

Another problem with SEO is that the effort, that needs to be invested, and the period, it takes to produce results, are very big. This happens because search engines will not make it easy for the site to reach the first page because that would reduce the amount of money they make through Ads.

For these reasons most agencies that do not specialize in organic traffic do not introduce this service. There some that saw this as an opportunity and started to look for methods to introduce this service without consuming the necessary time and effort to build a team.

This is how the idea to outsource SEO appeared. As it became more and more popular, the number of clients that asked for this service to be introduced by an agency had grown. Also, the number of businesses that started to look for a “full package” that contains SEO had risen as well. So, because marketing agencies wanted to satisfy their clients, they discovered this method.

Another factor that helped this method is that after many experiments the agencies discovered that the benefits, they got from investing the resources need to create an team into their core services while outsourcing the SEO were much higher than any other method. Of course, there are rare circumstances in which building an SEO department can be more beneficial. Every agency is different and the methods that bring the best results differ as well.

2. Should you build an SEO department?

To find out the answer you should understand the pros and cons of this method. Below you will find the investments that need to be made and the general situations in which this is a good method and when it is not. The final decision is yours because you understand your agency the best and only you can make an informed decision.

The investments needed to build an SEO department are:

– Time. Although at first, it may look easy, but it is not. The number of SEO experts that have real skill is quite low. Most “experts” that you will find will have average abilities and the results that they will be able to produce will be quite low. Until you find all the members needed for a team could take you many months maybe even more than a year.

– Money. The hiring process itself will cost you a lot of money. The more time needed the bigger the amount of money needed to attract SEO experts. Another cause for this is that the majority of SEO experts prefer project-based work or they will open their own agency.

– Knowledge. You must acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to find the real talented candidates. This will cost you either time to search and learn as much as possible about SEO, or buy a course to reduce the time spent.

– Equipment. Even after you managed to find a good team you must invest more money in the required equipment and the tools needed. Also, the space of the department will consume another part of your resources.

In the end, it will be worth it for you to create this department or not? As mentioned above, only you can answer this question. Keep in mind that the team should grow together with the number of your clients.

Even in these unfavorable conditions, there are circumstances when this can be better than outsourcing SEO.

The first situation is if your agency is still small and the number of clients that you have is quite low. This can be an opportunity because you will only need a single SEO expert. Maybe in time, as your agency grow, you will need to create a team but the advantage is that you can take it slowly and consume the minimum resources needed and this will increase the ROI of your SEO department.

The second situation in which it is a good idea to create a department is if you are an SEO expert yourself. It will be much easier and efficient for you to create a team. Of course, such an expert will most likely create an SEO agency instead.

The last and most likely situation in which a department is a good idea is if the market of your country creates a situation in which outsourcing SEO may cost you more than reselling it. The outsource method itself requires you to find an SEO agency that has lower prices than those in your market, to be worth it.

On the other hand, in any other case, it will be much more efficient and profitable for you to outsource SEO from a specialized agency and resell it to your clients. You can specialize in resolving a single problem while solving another one with the help of a partner. Below you will find all the benefits that you will get from outsourcing SEO.

Outsource SEO

3. Benefits you can get from outsourcing SEO

The benefits can be many or they can be little, it all depends on the SEO agency you will find and the circumstances your business.

Low investment

The first and most obvious benefit that you will have is the low amount of resources you have to spend. The time needed to find an efficient SEO agency can be very short, you can check GAMIT and you may find the best partner for your needs. The only time you have to spend is to research the agency and find out if they are trustworthy and if you want to test them.

The only money investment you will need to make is if you want to test the SEO agency by using their service. This is a recommended method because it is the best way to see the quality of their work, the results they can bring and compatibility you will have while working with them.

That’s it, those are the only investments that you need to make. You do not need to buy any equipment, tools or anything else at all. Big agencies can focus all their resources on their core services while the small ones can use this method as well because they do not need to invest too much in it.

Fast implementation

As you probably understood from above, the time you need to invest in a department before being able to introduce the SEO service is enormous. On the other hand, if you outsource it you can introduce it as fast as you want.

The moment you decide on an agency is the moment from which you can start to market your new SEO service. The benefits that this will bring to you are enormous. Your agency’s revenue will increase much faster with this method and it will have the possibility to expand at a much faster rate.

Higher profits

Although this depends on your agency’s circumstances. But in many cases, the costs of creating a team and their salaries can reach higher than the cost of outsourcing the SEO of your clients. Of course, this is not applicable if your clients are looking only for low prices.

Your ROI can reach higher than 100% if you implement this method in the right way. Keep in mind that this is possible only if the price is worth it for your clients. Meaning that they will be able to increase their revenue much more than the amount they will pay to you.

These are the three main benefits you can get from this type of collaboration. Although, there are other potential benefits you could gain from it they are not as important as these ones. Before taking a decision, you should also look at the cons of this type of collaboration and what precautions you should take.

Outsource SEO projects

4. What precaution you should take while outsourcing SEO?

The most encountered problem in this type of collaboration is the fact that the clients of the digital marketing agency will eventually find out about it. Most of them will be very displeased by the fact and will leave for another provider.

This happens because the marketing agency lies to them that they provide the service themselves because they are afraid that the clients will not agree to buy an outsourced service. You should understand that your clients care more about your trustworthiness and the results they get than the methods you use.

To negate this problem, you should not hide the fact that you outsource parts of your services. Most of your clients want a sole provider but this does not mean that they care that you have other partners. As long as they only have to deal with you it does not matter.

It is your job to make sure that you are able to respond to all your client’s needs without sending him to the SEO agency. Make it your responsibility to take care of the communication and you will not have any problems even if your clients know that you outsource part of your services.

The second problem happens when the SEO agency misses its deadline and all the consequences fall on the marketing agency. This will happen to you only if you select your partner poorly. Of course, there may be special circumstances that may produce this outcome even with the best partner but there are precautions you can take.

What you have to do is easy. Because you take care of the communication you have the possibility to choose the deadlines. You can create a buffer zone between the deadline given to the SEO agency and the one given to your clients.

By doing this you can make sure that even in the eventuality of a missed deadline you have a buffer zone that will protect you. You will have the required time to find a solution and finish the project on time.

5. How can a partnership with GAMIT be a game-changer move?

Quite the big claim you may think but a partnership with GAMIT will be the best decision you can take. Below you will find all the advantages of this collaboration.


The first step of any collaboration is the establishment of trust between partners. GAMIT takes care of this through three different methods:

– 100% Guarantee. The first thing that you should understand is the fact that your risk is 0. Not only you will get your money back if GAMIT does not produce results, but you can also use this method to attract more clients.

– Relevant results. If you check GAMIT’s website you will find results produced in recent periods. Many SEO agencies showcase their best result, even if those happened years go, which has no relevance because the algorithms had changed massively. On the other hand, GAMIT has chosen to prove their worth through the most relevant results, those produced recently.

– Testimonials. On the site, you can also find the testimonials from all the clients that the company had from 2006. Proving the customer satisfaction and the experience it has in the field.

Accessible prices

The conditions of the market from the market in which the company is based allows very accessible prices. You can make use of this opportunity to make a very substantial profit by releasing a very high-quality service at the right price of your market.

GAMIT has three packages from which you can choose for your clients, or you can ask for custom ones. You can be sure that GAMIT will always adapt its strategy to the needs of the client. You can also resell the SEO services through similar packages or you can create your own. You will find some information about the offer here.


GAMIT made the process very convenient for you. The type of collaborations from which you will benefit require almost no effort for you. The only question is if you want to take care of all the communication between your clients and GAMIT? Then you will have to provide all the necessary information to your clients and also acquire all the information needed for the SEO service. For example, you will have to take part in the process of deciding the keywords.

Apart from that, you do not need to do anything else. You can relax and wait for the results. GAMIT will also provide you with white label reports which you can use to present the results to your clients. The good part about these reports is that they will be made directly in the name of your company by using the details you will provide to us.

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