Penguin or just another fake buzz?

Google algorithm is one of the most important things in the online community since its updates affect the ranks of all sites. If you are the target of a penalty, you will suffer a drop in rankings, but if you did not do anything wrong, your rank will be improved.

But what happens if sites are affected even if they don’t do anything wrong? The Penguin update was meant to get rid of sites that did not use the right methods to improve their ranks and they were quite good at it, yet there were a few others affected along the way.

The ones that suffered a penalty from Google are the ones that are waiting for a new Penguin update so they can get their sites back on track. But when should they expect the new release? When should they expect to see the changes they were looking for?

Fluctuation in ranking

Penguin or just another fake buzz

The first time they thought things would change was on August 15th when John Mueller hinted that the new release was a work in progress and it would be available soon since engineers have been working on it. The last update was more than ten months ago and this is why people are looking forward to it.

One of the first things people noticed was a fluctuation in their ranking and given that Google usually releases updates on Friday afternoon, they thought it was the Penguin 3.0. Unfortunately, it turned out to be nothing but a hoax in the end. There was some activity there, but the tech team rolled back and the results got back to the way they were in the morning.

If it was a test, this means they were getting ready to get things done, but the representatives did not have any comments to make. The rest of the online community is still waiting for the real Penguin update. A recent post on the site of SE Roundtable reveals that there is a new talk about the Penguin update and people believe it will be released any day now.

This happens because there were some new tests happening on the 28th and the results of the queries were influenced significantly. It is has not yet been confirmed by Google. What do you think about this? How was your site impacted in the last few days by the changes? Have you seen any change in the rankings?

The 28th of August was the day when the online world was again set on fire, but no one is going to offer you a real answer for this yet. All you can do is focus on what others have to say about it. If you want to know more about this topic, you should take the time to visit the site of SE Roundtable for the details. This is where you will learn the point of view of an expert, but you will also find out where you need to go so you can join the discussion and share the experiences you have enjoyed over time as well.

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