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In our Results section the Google keywords improvement that our customers have and which are grouped by different countries are presented and analysed. We have great results for countries such as Australia, Canada, UK, USA and also for non-English sites. With this we prove that our SEO services are specialized on our client site country and business area. This is what makes our SEO strategies so effective. Please check our main category with Results to see the effectiveness of our campaigns. On our site we have a section where we present the results obtained for our customers between 2013-2016.  Through this we prove that we are always up to date with the latest Google search algorithm changes and that we manage to always tune and change our SEO strategies to achieve and maintain first page results for all our customers. If this is not convincing enough then please visit our profile to see that we work in the SEO industry since 2006 and that we have almost 2000 SEO projects reviews that you can check. These reviews were gathered in the last 12 years so our constant SEO adaptation to the market is once again proven. keywords improvements of our customers with Australian sites are presented on this page. What you will get from working with us:

  • In the beginning we will analyse your site from the on-site SEO point of view. You will get from us a full report plus recommendations on how to further improve your site.
  • We will analyse your business category, market, competitors and decide together which the best keywords for your site are. We will select both keywords with medium volume of traffic and low competition (easy to work and push in top 10) and keywords with high traffic and high competition. In this way your site will reach easily the first page In Google Australia for the first set of keywords (low competition ones) and will start to receive traffic from the first month.
  • Based on the number of keywords selected and business competitiveness of your site we will create a custom SEO package. We will start the work and we will keep you up to date with our progress through monthly reports. You will receive all the work that we do so everything can be checked and approved by you.
  • We will monitor your keywords improvement in Google Australia on a monthly basis and send you full reports with these. Once the first page is reached for your main keywords we can continue the collaboration for new ones or switch the SEO monthly package to a rank maintenance one with a much lower budget. 12 months of work – results analysis (December 2018 – December 2019)

View the Global(AU) report: PDF / WEB version.

View the Local(SEO Glendenning AU) report: PDF / WEB version.

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The marketing strategies that we use are adapted to Google algorithms with natural, hand-made, clean techniques and no spam. The combination of content update and link building tactics has proven to be a recipe for success in improving our client’s rankings in search engines. The strategies we deploy are efficient in Google, Yahoo, Bing, as well as specific location search engines – in this case, Google Australia.


We have started the work for almost a year ago. The report presented shows you the evolution of the site throughout our collaboration, and the latest results obtained nationally for Google Australia and locally for the geographical areas relevant to the client’s business. As you can see, the purpose of our work is not only to increase the positions in SERPs but also to maintain higher rankings, once these are achieved.

Report 3 months Results Analysis (February 2019 – May 2019):

View the PDF report or the WEB version.

  • The analysis of is a good example of how a site can evolve in 3 months of work. We have started working for this site in February 2019 and focused the SEO campaign on 2 medium competitive keywords. According to the initial ranking analysis of these keywords, one was already in the first place in Google Australia and the other had no position in TOP 100. Through the SEO strategies that we implemented for, we managed to maintain the first position of one keyword and bring the other one in the first position.
  • We managed to obtain extremely positive results for and these results stand proof to the effectiveness of our methods. The outcome of the campaign is even more impressive considering that we managed to obtain the first position for our client in a relatively short period of time.
  • We are committed to providing the best possible outcome for our clients’ sites so you can be convinced that we will treat your campaign with the same care and consideration. Please, feel free, to contact us for more details!! – Results Analysis (January 2019 update):

View the PDF report or the WEB version.

  • A total of five keywords were selected by our customer when the work started in May 2017. The site did not have any presence for these keywords (only top 100 was checked) except for one keyword which is, in fact, the name of the site.
  • Until January 2019 multiple web optimization campaigns were made. We want to point out that our customer did not choose a monthly approach for its site. In the 18 months period a total of 6 links building campaigns were made with 3 months of pause time between them.
  • These results prove that we can obtain TOP ranks with long time pause periods between campaigns. Our results will last for a long period of time even if you do not choose to work with us on a monthly basis. On and off SEO work periods for your site will bring good long lasting results, however, for a better efficiency we recommend a monthly approach. Results Analysis for a 6 months period (January to July 2018):

View the global (Australia) PDF report or the WEB version.

  • Top 10 results were achieved for all the keywords with one of our 6 months SILVER SEO plan. In January when we started the work we generated a ranking report showing initial positions for each keyword in search engines. Our customer already had top 20 ranks for its keywords. Through monthly link building campaigns we managed to obtain top 10 results for all keywords and rank no.1 for its main one. Each month our customer received full reports with all the work done for its site.
  • Quality work is very important when it comes to SEO. It is important to aim for results which last in time and which are obtained through a white hat approach. Finding the perfect balance between the number of back links a site needs + time frame to build these links is the key.
  • All our strategies are implemented after a long time of testing. So, you will always receive top work which brings results. We use only white hat strategies to obtain those results which last in time. With our work you will never have to worry about Google penalizations or other such things.
  • Please check our results section to see our success stories and contact us for more details!
  • Google Australia SEO results analysis for a 6 months period (January to July 2018):

    Check the PDF report here!

    Check the WEB report here!

    • PetShopDirect is one of our old clients which first started the collaboration with us back in 2014. A 3 years analysis (2014-2017) is bellow this report. In this analysis we want to focus on a 6 months evolution that our customer had, from January until July this year (2018).
    • In January we have added some new keywords to the SEO plan. Please check the ranking report which is presented above and you will identify these keywords as the ones which in January have no presence in Google in top 100.
    • 6 months later all the keywords rank in Google Australia top 20. We use a mixture of different SEO and link building strategies to obtain the best results for our customers. All our techniques are tested and verified. All our work is 100% hand made so no automated software is used. Each month we keep all our customers in the loop through checkable reports and detailed analysis.
    • You can test our services with a one-time plan (30 days delivery). You will receive detailed reports with all the work done so you can check it. Also, a before and after our work Google rankings report will be made. After you will see the quality of our work and the first results obtained you can then subscribe to one of our 3 monthly plans (Silver, Gold or Platinum) depending on your current rankings and number of keywords.

      A 3 years analysis for for Google Australia:

      Check the PDF report here!

      Check the WEB report here!

      • Our collaborations start in November 2014 for multiple keywords with medium to high traffic after an analysis was made for the Australian market.
      • A monthly SEO custom package was proposed and work started.
      • Each month our customer received detailed reports of the work done and keywords improvement analysis reports. In the above ranking reports we present only some calendar dates to make it easier to follow the 3 years evolution but, on request, we can provide a complete analysis made on a monthly basis.
      • It can be seen that after the first year of work we have first page results in Google Australia for different keywords and top 30 rankings for the majority of the keywords.
      • Different strategies and techniques were used each month and 2 years later the site reached the first page for more keywords.
      • In November 2017 our customer has top 10 results for all its old keywords and top 20 for new ones (added later in the ranking program once top ranks were achieved for its old ones).
      • Our client works with us on a monthly basis for its old keywords with the purpose to maintain its current top10 results and for new keywords as well to push these on the first page also.
      Conclusion: The right approach in the SEO industry is the one based on monthly strategies which obtain a steady improvement for your keywords in Google. Is bet to find the right amount of work that is needed to be made each month for a site to achieve a risk free penalizations method when it comes to Google algorithm rules. With more than 12 years of experience in the SEO industry and over 10.000 customers (from which 2000 are checkable on our profile) we can say that we are able to achieve great results for your keywords and site in the Australian market. We will update each month this category with SEO results achieved for Google Australia so please come back on our site on a regular basis to stay up to date.