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Increasing your site presence in Google Canada is not an easy job due to high competitiveness and constant changes that Google is making to its algorithm once a couple of months. You need to know the exact SEO techniques that work and bring results. Also, you need to have sufficient time to implement them for your site. Please consider that a lot of time and effort needs to be invested each month into SEO research to make sure that you always use up to date strategies. Not doing this increases the chances to not be in line with the latest Google guidelines which can lead to penalization and even suspension of your site. This is why having a trust wordy, experienced and effective SEO partner is the best option. We strongly believe that we are (Gamit) perfect for this job. We have experience (12+ years that you can check), almost 2000 projects reviews (that you can also check) and great results that can be easily checked and analysed. On this page, we present the results that our Canadian customers have in based on our link building strategies and techniques.

All our time and effort is put into market research and SEO analysis so you can be sure that using Gamit SEO services will bring you:

  • A team with more than 12 years of experience (please check our SEO profile on
  • Up to date strategies – we show on our results page what great improvements our customers have for their keywords and sites. This means that we managed all the time to adapt our technique to the latest Google requirements.
  • Constant improvements – is perfect to benefit from a SEO strategy which brings constant improvements for your keywords on a monthly basis. These results are the ones that last and are natural in Google eyes. You do not need to rush things when it comes to your business because you will penalize your site. So, we are sure that based on your number of keywords and business needs we can make a customized SEO package that will bring maximum benefits.
  • Full reports and analysis – once you will work with us we will keep you up to date with all our work through monthly reports and analysis. You will know for what you are paying and you will understand the results with our deep in analysis. – great results in just 1 month (one SEO & link building campaign):

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SEO report

  • This is a great way to see what type of results you can expect to have after only one campaign. The above Google Canada keywords ranking comparison is made between October and November. The site has not top 200 presences in for any of its keywords when we started the work. After a one month work we checked again the keywords rankings and noticed that the site entered in top 50 (5’th page) in Google for almost all its main keywords.
  • The above results prove that our SEO services are effective and that is a short period of time you can see great results for your keywords in Canadian search engines. We estimate that, on a monthly SEO program, this customer will reach and maintain top5 rankings for all its keywords.
  • This category with keywords rankings improvements will be updated monthly, like all the other categories from the Results section so please come back to see how this or any other sites rankings improve from month to month.

SEO report