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We present in this section the results that we have for our German customers with sites using German keywords. We obtain top 10 results for using our strategies which are designed to bring long lasting results. We use only white hat & up-to-date SEO strategies. We have 12+ years of experience and a great team which will do a great job for your SEO projects.

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– A comprehensive on-site report showing your site’s main search engine optimization problems.

– A keywords suggestion file which will help you choose the best keywords (high traffic and low competitive keywords) that will bring good traffic to your site and for which we will manage to push your site in top search engine rankings.

– We will establish from the beginning a clear plan explaining what you will receive each month for your money and what type of expectations to have at the end of our collaboration.

– Each month you will receive clear reports showing our work + reports with the keywords positions in Google.

We have run multiple link building campaigns for our customer The client chose medium and highly competitive keywords in both English and German language. Based on the initial evaluation of the client’s website we have suggested a medium link building package.


| SEO audit | SEO services | Outsource/Resell | About us | SEO quote |– Ranking Report for a period of 8 months (May 2018 – January 2019)

SEO report

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We use only white hat SEO strategies and this is the reason we achieve good results for our clients’ websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and in specific geographical search engines (for a particular country). You are constantly updated with the position of your keywords through the ranking reports we send regularly. The process is 100% safe for your site because we use 11 different natural link building techniques that are adapted to Google algorithms.

We started the work for in May 2018. The Gold package was chosen for this site because of the competitivesness of the keywords and the industry. It is difficult to improve a site’s performace in online lottery and the keywords for which the client wanted to optimize his site had NO presence in Google Germany at the beginning of our work. After 8 months, 33% of the keywords reached TOP 30 and 44% reached TOP 50 which is a very positive outcome for our client. We will continue the work for and we are convinced that in just a few months most of the keywords will reach first page in

After an initial evaluation of the client’s website we choose the most appropiate link building package. For each client we conduct on-site analysis, duplicate content check and initial ranking report. According to the results of these reports and the number of keywords the client wants to use we decide upon the best proposal. Each client passes through the same process before receiving a personalize link building proposal.

SEO Report– Ranking analysis for a period of 8 months(October 2017 – June 2018)

SEO Report

View the PDF report!

View the WEB report!

We have ran multiple link building campaigns for our customer The client chose medium and highly comnpetitive keywords in both English and German language. Based on the initial evaluation of the client’s website we have suggested a medium link building package.

The initial evaluation of the site includes an on-site optimization report which tells the client what needs to be changed or improved in the site structure to help its overall ranking in search engines. We also provide a duplicate check report which shows the content of the website with plagiarism issues. The client also receives an keyword suggestion report meant to help him choose the most appropiate keywords for his bussiness. Our SEO strategy includes: writting fresh content for the client’s website and 11 different link building techniques. All of these are part of our continuous commitment to our clients to provide the best possible services.

When we started the work, 3 out of the 5 keywords used for had no presence in Google Germany. The rankings for these started to improve with each campaign and after 8 months of continuous work the keyword “helium ballons”which started from a NO ranking position reached 1st place in This is a very positive result and a proof of the eficiency of our strategies. Also, the keyword “heliumballons” reached 2nd place in All 5 keywords have achieved good positions as a result of our work.

We strongly believe in our methods and we are convinced that your site can benefit from the same positive outcomes.

SEO Report – great results for German keywords:

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In a 3 months period we managed to achieve top 10 results in Google Germany for our customer for 3 main keywords. For the rest of the keywords we obtained dramatic improvements in a short time period. These results prove that we manage to work well for German keywords also besides English keywords.

We consider that all our strategies that we use are bullet proof which means that your site will never get any type of penalizations. All our SEO techniques that we use are intensively tested by our team before implementing them in our customer’s projects.

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SEO Report

SEO Report