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Spanish keywords can be ranked easily by our team in (Spain) and the bellow results presented on this page proves it. We use only white-hat strategies refined through 12 years of experience.

Working with us is easy and straight forward

  • Our team will first analyse your site for any type of on-site SEO issues such as duplicate content, copy-right problems, keywords density, etc.
  • The second step will be to establish which are the best keywords that bring the highest traffic to your site;
  • Next, based on the number and competitiveness of the chosen keywords we will establish the best monthly SEO campaign for your site.

Throughout our collaboration you will be always kept informed about project progress. You will receive full reports with all the work done. Also, at the end of the project we will send you reports showing the improvements that you keywords have in Google Spain rankings.

Please check the bellow analysis of SEO Spanish projects and how we managed to obtain first page results in for our customers! – Ranking report for a period of 12 months (August 2018 – August 2019)

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SEO report

  • We have started working for our customer,, 12 months ago. During this period multiple link building campaigns were conducted. The client wanted to focus on 4 keywords for each campaign so the keywords were changed regularly. The current report shows you the evolution of all keywords during our one year collaboration.
  • Almost all the keywords that the client wanted to optimize showed rankings in Google Spain at the start of our collaboration. Strong rankings were registered as the keywords occupied the first 2 pages of Our methods, which include both on-site and off-site white hat strategies, had a positive impact on our client’s website and slowly over the months, the keywords started to improve their positions. While you should keep in mind that the keywords were changed regularly, you can see from the report that the work we carried out for impacted the overall ranking of all keywords.
  • We deliver top quality results because we use 100% hand-made, natural techniques that are adapted to Google algorithms.
  • The results that we obtained for were extremely positive after a few months work and at the end of a year, all keywords reached the first page of This result is impressive when considering the competition of the keywords and the client’s business. The techniques we use have proven successful for native language keywords, in this case, Spanish.
  • Using clean SEO strategies is beneficial for your site and the results we obtain through these strategies demonstrate their efficiency. Please contact us for a personalized proposal!
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