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On this page we present the results that we have for our customers in (UAE search engine). It is very difficult to choose the right company when it comes to SEO strategies and link building campaigns that you want to implement for your site. However, we believe that we manage to make things easy with all the information and reports that we present on our site. We know that there is a lot of information to read but we prefer to explain all that we do in detail. We are in this business since 2006 because: we always adapt our services to meet the latest Google standards, communication with our clients is very important so you will know all the time what we do for your site, we always send detailed reports with our work and ranking improvements files.

What to expect when you will start the work with us:

  • We will first analyse your site for on-site SEO related problems, copy-right content issues, bad (spam) back-links from previous campaigns, etc.
  • The next step will be to decide which are the best keywords to use for your site. For this, a detailed report will be sent with keywords suggestions indicating the amount of traffic to expect from each keyword each month. Once the keywords are decided we will discuss about the best strategy to use and the expected time frame for your site to reach good rankings in search engines.
  • When we will start the work you will receive a report with your initial rankings for your keywords. Also, each month lists with all the work done will be sent to you for checking. You will be kept all the time in loop with all the work done for your site.
  • With our services you will always know that you will receive top work based on tested strategies which bring good results. Contact us to receive free reports & evaluation for your site!

  •– Ranking Analysis for a period of 9 months (September 2017 – June 2018)

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    SEO report

    • We have started the work for in September 2017. The client contacted us requesting a link building package to improve the position of his keywords in We have conducted an initial evaluation of the website and based on this we recommended one of our medium packages to help mantain and improve the website’s ranks. This initial evalution is done for all our clients at the beginning of the collaboration and is meant to help us decide upon the best strategy for the client’s website.
    • The client wanted to use 12 keywords for which to rank his site in search engines and apart for 2, none of these showed any presence in online searches for In just 2 months after we started the work, all keywords obtained strong positions in TOP100. Their ranking improved each month and you can see this evolution in the current report. After 9 months, 58% of all keywords reached the first page of with the rest closely behind. In only 9 months our customer occupies the first 3 pages of for all his keywords. Durable results are obtained in time through regular link building campaigns and the results obtained for show once again the efficiency of our techniques.
    • We have set up a detailed system of communication with regular reports and updates for the clients. The collaboration with us starts with an on-site evaluation, duplicate content check and keyword competitivesness check. During our work, we send detailed reports of our work and statements with rank improvements. These are part of the commitment to our clients to provide top quality services.
      SEO Report– Ranking Analysis for a period of 6 months (January 2018 – July 2018)

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SEO report

  • Please check the above report to see the results obtained for client after a 6 months campaign. The keywords for which the client wanted to optimize the site were competitive in a highly competitive field – “investment oportunities”. Regardless, the keywords responded really well to our techniques and the results ontained were succsesfull.
  • When we first started the work, the keywords showed NO presence in but all improved their positions remarkbly after only 6 months. The results obtained will last longer if the keywords will be naturallly indexed by search engines. This can be achieved only by using natural, no spam, clean, 100% hand-made marketing strategies.
  • Half of the keywords are present on the first page of after our work and this is a strong indicator for the efficiency of our methods. We have more than 12 years of experince in the SEO industry and proven results for our customers. Our methods have been constructed in time and we use the best combination between on site and off site optimization strategies. We suggest that you try our methods for your site, so get in touch with us for a personalized proposal.

SEO Report