Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Gamit Web Services understands how important is the privacy of the Client’s information and that you should be completely knowledgeable of the way your information is used. This section on privacy policy explains how our Company collects data through our website, how we protect it and what is the purpose of collecting this data. We advise that you carefully read this section. By using our Company’s website you agree to the following policy regarding the collection of your personal information via our Company’s website. Your acceptance of this policy starts when you use our Company’s website and every time you use our Company’s website. If you do not agree to this policy it is adviced that you cease using immediately.

Gamit Web Services collects information only in the way described by this policy, in accordance with your privacy rights and in line with all applicable Data Protection laws and regulations. Labels and titles will have the same definitions and meaning as explained in Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that clauses of this policy might frequently change. By using our Company’s website you agree to the revised policies.

>Gamit Web Services is committed to clients’ privacy so our Company takes security measures for keeping and protecting the personal information collected.

If you have further questions regarding this policy, please contact a member of our team at and we will do our best to answer your queries.

2. Information about us

Complete details of our Company

Full name of legal entity: Gamit Web Services SRL

Email address:

Postal address: Gamit Web Services

Malmo Office Tower

30 Stirbei Voda Street, Craiova, Dolj

Telephone number: (UK) +44 20 7097 3128

(AU) +61 2 8003 3992

(USA) +1 650 488 5734

Gamit Web Services collects and processes the Client’s personal data when using the Company’s website, signing up for the newsletter or purchasing the services of the Company. It is advisable that the Client provides accurate and current information so we recommend that the Client informs our Company of any personal data changes.

3. What is covered by this policy?

This Privacy Policy applies to the Client’s use of our Company’s website as well as links, plug-ins, and applications from third-party websites which are connected to the Company’s website. By clicking on these you allow the third party websites to access and collect personal information about you. Our Company is not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites so we advise that you check this section for every website you visit.

4. What does personal data mean?

As defined by General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (the “GDPR”), personal data means “any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier”. In simpler terms, personal data refers to any information that can be used to discover your identity. Personal data refers to the name, contact details, identification numbers, and electronic location data.

5. The Client’s rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (the “GDPR”), the Client has the following rights which our Company always endorse.

• The Client has the right to be informed on how the Company collects and uses its personal data. This Privacy Policy should provide all the necessary information regarding this process. If, however, you need more information regarding this policy, you can contact our team at

• The Client has the right to access the information our Company holds on him.

• The Client has the right for its information to be corrected if the information held by our Company is incomplete or inaccurate.

• The Client has the right to ask for its information to be deleted.

• The Client has the right to restrict the processing of its personal data.

• The Client has the right to object to the use of its personal information for different purposes.

• The Client has the right to data portability. This means that you can ask our Company for a copy of your personal data which was previously processed through automated software, which you can then use for another service or business.

• The Client has the right to withdraw consent and inform our Company to stop processing its personal data. You can do this by submitting a ticket to our team or by stop using the Company’s website and the services it offers.

6. Personal data collected

Gamit Web Services may collect, store, use and transfer the following data about the Client:

• Identity Data refers to information such as names, date of birth, marital status, title, gender, business name, job title, and profession;

• Contact Data includes website address, telephone numbers, email address, billing address, delivery address;

• Financial Data refers to information about bank accounts and card details.

• Transaction Data includes payment information on the products and services purchased from our Company’s website.

• Technical Data refers to information such as internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, browsing history, time zone, location, browser plug-ins, operating systems, data transferred, the internet service provider and other technology you use to access the Company’s website.

• Profile Data includes info on usernames, password, interests, preferences, purchases you make, feedback and survey responses.

• Usage Data refers to information about the way you use the Company’s website and interact with different pages, your activity on the Company’s website and the website you exit to.

• Marketing and Communications Data includes info on your preferences and responses to marketing messages from our Company, as well as your communication preferences.

• Aggregated Data refers to statistical and demographic information. This type of information derives from your personal data although, under current laws, it is not considered personal data because it does not share your identity. Gamit Web Services collects this type of information to establish how certain users or clients interact with different features of the Company’s website. When this type of data is combined with personal data shall be considered personal data and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Gamit Web Services does not collect and process Special Categories of Personal Data including information about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political opinions, religious beliefs, health or criminal convictions.

7. How Gamit Web Services collects your personal data

Gamit Web Services uses different methods to collect personal data from Clients, such as:

• Direct interactions. The Client provides information on its identity, contact data, and financial details when filling the contact forms from the Company’s website or by corresponding to a member of our team via telephone, e-mail or post. This information is provided by the client when using our services, subscribing to our newsletters, requesting marketing information, responding to a survey or providing feedback about our services.

• Automated technologies or interactions. As the Client interacts with the Company’s website, Gamit Web Services automatically gathers technical data about browsing actions and equipment by employing our cookies while visiting other websites. Cookies, server logs, and other related technologies are used by our Company to collect this data. For more information please see our cookie policy.

• Third parties or publicly available sources. Technical data could be gathered from analytics providers, advertising networks and search information providers. Contact information and financial information could come from providers of payment services. Brokers and aggregators could provide identity and contact data and so could public sources such as Companies House and the Electoral Register.

8. Use of your personal data

Gamit Web Services will use the personal data collected under the following circumstances:

• when we enter an agreement with the Client as a result of him employing our services.

• when necessary for our interests or your interests and where fundamental rights do not revoke these interests.

• when we need to respect legal obligations.

• when we want to register you as our Client.

• when our Company needs to manage payments, fees or collect money from you.

• when we need to announce any changes to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or ask you to leave assessments of our services.

• when we enable your participation in a survey.

• when protecting and managing our Company’s website and business is required.

• when our Company has to provide content and advertisements for your website or we need to understand and measure the effects of the SEO methods we use on your website.

• when we need data analytics to improve our services, customer relationships, experience, and marketing techniques and also avoid conflicts of interests.

• when administering your accounts.

• when processing the Client’s application.

• when we communicate with the Client sending information that he requested regarding our services, including e-mail or telephone calls.

• when our Company wants to personalize the experience of the Client with our website.

• when we need to communicate marketing materials to the Client, either by mail, phone, text messages or by post. These promotional materials will be sent in accordance to your right and comply with our obligations under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, and you will always have the option to decline such materials.

• when our Company needs to employ third parties from whom the Client requested additional information or from whom we need additional services while performing the SEO services for the Client, only on the condition that these third parties will only use the information on our behalf and following our instructions.

The client can request that we stop sending information about our services by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes from our Company’s website, by unsubscribing from our e-mail marketing lists or by contacting us directly at

Gamit Web Services uses data about identity, profile, usage, contact and technical to set a certain map of interests for the Client which we then use to establish the SEO services relevant for each Client. The Clients shall receive marketing information based on this every time they employ our services, register on our website, subscribe to our newsletters or contact us requesting details about our services. Whichever the case, the Client has the option to opt-out from receiving these materials. The Client can unsubscribe from receiving marketing materials, however, this does not apply to the personal data the Client provided as a result of purchasing the Company’s services.

Our Company shall ask for the permission of the Client before sending its personal data to other third parties.

The cookies that Gamit Web Servies uses to collect personal data from Clients could be disabled but the Client should be advised that when opting to do so certain parts of our website and the SEO services provided will be inaccessible. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

Our Company will always use the data only for the purposes we collected it, or for a purpose compatible with the initial purpose. In such instances, you can request additional information by contacting our team. In cases when we use your personal data in purposes unrelated to the initial agreement we will notify you. Gamit Web Services reserves the right to use the personal data of the Client without its consent or knowledge, in compliance with this Privacy Policy and under the laws regulating the use of personal data.

9. Arguments for processing personal data

Under the GDPR, Gamit Web Services has a lawful basis to use your personal data, either because the data is necessary for the SEO services we provide, because you have agreed to us using this data, because we need to comply with legal obligations or because it is in the interest of our business. Our Company does not recognize the Client’s consent as a lawful basis except for sending third party direct communication to the Client. By contacting our team you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Consent and legitimate interests represent the basis on which Gamit Web Services processes the personal data collected. When necessary we will only use the data that the client approves, hence the consent. Legitimate interests refer to situations when we have legitimate grounds of using personal data without the Client’s consent. Under the European privacy laws, we will justify legitimate interests in situations where the Client needs access to our website or specific features of our services, to communicate with the Client or to improve the Company’s website.

The client has the possibility to access the information of his account at any time. The Client can also modify or remove information from the account. If you have inquiries about how to access, edit or remove information from your account please submit a ticket to our team. The Client should be aware that when canceling the account, our Company will continue to store copies of its personal data, under our retention policy, and this will become inaccessible to the Client.

10. Retain personal data

Gamit Web Services will store the personal data of the Client for as long as it is required. Our Company will use the personal data of the Client throughout the SEO campaign and after the end of the collaboration for marketing purposes. The Client’s personal data will be kept for any legal duration required, until there is no valid reason to retain these or until the Client request the data to be removed from the Company’ database. The Client should be aware that upon requesting the modification or removal of his personal data from the Company, we shall keep a minimum of information that allows us to comply with the Client’s request.

There is no appropriate retention period for which Gamit Web Services can hold the Client’s personal data. When establishing the time frame, our Company takes into account the nature of the data, the client’s requests, the potential harm of unauthorized disclosure and the purposes for which we store the personal data of Clients. By law, for tax purposes, we are requested to keep financial information about the Clients, 6 years after they cease using our services. The personal data might be anonymized for statistical purposes, in which case our Company can continue using the information without the Client’s consent.

11. Share and disclose personal data

Gamit Web Services might assign some of the Client’s personal data to countries that, although located in Europe, are not part of the European Economic Area. These countries might not have data protection laws so in this situation our Company shall request additional measures of protection so that the Client’s personal data are treated safely and securely.

Gamit Web Services might transfer some or all of the Client personal data to companies from the same group as ours. In such instances, our Company shall take additional steps to ensure that the Client’s personal data is protected and that the group follows the same rules of data protection.

Gamit Web Services respects the confidentiality and security of the Client’s personal data, so, whenever our Company may disclose personal data of the Clients to third parties it ensures that the data will not be used in the interest of these third parties, but solely for the purpose indicated by our Company and respecting our instructions. Third parties refer to different companies that hold tools essential in providing the SEO services for the Client. Our company might use Google for data analytics, Paypal for payment processing, SEMRush- for initial analysis, Copyscape for copyright checks and AWRCloud for ranking analysis. For this reason, the Client agrees that every authorization granted to our Company under this Privacy Policy is also granted to every third party we may use. The Client agrees that will not hold Gamit Web Services liable for wrongful actions of these third parties.

In legal proceedings, under lawful obligations, our Company shall be legally obligated to disclose the Client’s personal data if this is required by government authority. Gamit Web Services, also, reserves the right to disclose personal data of the Client if suspicion of unlawful activities arises or if the Client breaches the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. In a situation where our Company is compelled to disclose the Client personal data, the Client renounces any legal actions against our Company regardless of the damages that may arise from this situation.

12. The Client’s control of personal data

The Client acknowledges and agrees with the processing and use of its personal data by Gamit Web Services as a result of the Client contacting our Company for SEO services. During our collaboration, the Client is entitled to ask our Company about the information we pose on him and the purposes for which we hold the information. It is also entitled to request a copy of the data or rectifications and modifications of the data to keep it up to date. The Client may also object to the use of its personal data.

Subject access requests from the Client must be passed in writing to a member of our team at Our Company shall respond to the request within 30 days after soliciting proof of identification from the Client. Requesting additional information to confirm the Client’s identity is a security measure Gamit Web Services takes to ensure that personal information is sent to the right person. Our Company strives to respond to all requests within 30 days, however, in situations where the request is complex or there is a large number of requests, the answer period might take longer. The Client will be notified if delays appear.

When the Client submits personal data to Gamit Web Services through our Company’s website, there are different options the Client may choose to restrict the use of its personal data. We aim to deliver as much control as possible to the Client concerning the use of personal data, so the Client has the possibility to subscribe or unsubscribe to marketing material sent by our Company. Additionally, the Client is able to notify our team directly at and request for its data to be removed from all marketing listings.

13. Failure to provide personal data

In circumstances when Gamit Web Services is requested to collect personal data, either by law or under the Terms and Conditions of the agreement, and the Client fails to deliver such data, the Company will not be able to provide the SEO services. In such a situation, the Company will cancel the SEO services provided to the Client.

In circumstances where the Client knowingly or unknowingly delivers false or incomplete personal data, Gamit Web Services reserves the right to cancel the SEO services provided to the Client without refunds or further liabilities to our Company.

Sections of our Company’s website are available to potential clients without collecting personal data. However, if the Client wants access to all features of the Company’s website he must allow the collection of personal data. Additionally, the Client could restrict the Cookies functionality but this implies that certain parts and features of our Company’s website will not be accessible.

14. Access to personal data

The Client is able to access the personal data collected by Gamit Web Services, at all times, by contacting our team directly at Access to your personal information is free of charge. Our Company has the right to ask for a reasonable fee or reject a Client’s request for accessing its personal data if the request is unfounded or excessive.

15. Changes to personal data

The personal data collected by Gamit Web Services has to be current and accurate. The Client must inform our Company if certain details of the personal information provided had changed because these need to be updated. The Client can request a review or change of its personal data, at any time, by contacting our Company at

16. Permanently removing personal data

The Client may opt to have its personal data removed from the database of Gamit Web Services. For this, the Client must contact our Company at and formulate a written request specifying the exact data he wishes to be removed. Removal requests are answered within 30 days after soliciting proof of identification from the Client.

Several removal requests might be necessary because the database collected by Gamit Web Services is stored on multiple layers and deleting one layer does not automatically delete the others. If the personal information reappears, the Client can submit another request for removal at

17. Data security and integrity

Gamit Web Services process and stores personal data from clients in accordance with the highest standards and legislation because the security of our clients is important to us. Our Company collects and maintains only the data necessary for achieving the purpose of the agreement.

To the best of its ability, Gamit Web Services restricts the access to Clients personal data by third parties. When third parties are necessary for the process of delivering SEO services to the Client, our Company requests confidentiality from these in regards to the Client’s personal data.

Occasionally, for operational purposes, the personal data of Clients may be stored in countries which are not part of the European Economic Area. In such instances, our Company takes proper security measures to protect our Clients’ information.

Security for the Clients’ personal information is our priority. However, our Company cannot guarantee security against all possible risks. By using our services, the Client agrees to the risks of providing online personal data and will not hold our Company liable for any breach of security.

Gamit Web Services uses electronic and physical security shields, as well as SSL certificates to protect the website. However, because the Internet is not a totally secure platform, we cannot guarantee total protection for our clients. Each Client is advised to personally use antivirus programs and firewalls to further protect the privacy of its personal data.

18. Payment processing

Payment details for each Client will be collected through Paypal, which is the Company’s payment processor. Gamit Web Services takes necessary actions to ensure that the Client’s personal financial information is not wrongfully used, however, our Company is not responsible for the Privacy Policy of Paypal. The Client, hereby agrees, that by using Paypal as our Company’s payment processor agrees to the Privacy Policy of Paypal without further liabilities against Gamit Web Services.

19. Data protection and third parties

By using the Company’s website,, the Client enters an agreement with Gamit Web Services for the provision of SEO services. The Client must be aware that our Company may use third-party software or services in the interest of the Client, throughout our collaboration. Therefore, the Client agrees to grant these third parties the same right as they grant our Company in regards to access and use of their personal data. In the process of operating our business through, our Company employs third parties which, under this Privacy Policy, shall have the same permission from the Client in collecting and using personal data. The Client agrees that it will not be held Gamit Web Services liable for the action of these third parties.

Gamit Web Services or other users might post links on the Company’s website to third party websites. These third-party websites function on their own Privacy Policy, which has not been verified by our team. By accessing these links from our Company’s website, the Client agrees to the Privacy Policy of these websites and also to exempt Gamit Web Services from any liability for the conduct of these websites. The Client is responsible to review the policy of these sites in regards to the collection and use of personal data.

Gamit Web Services does not share the personal data of Clients with any third party aside from the third parties which are employed by our Company to assist with the provision of SEO services or functionality of the Company’s website.

20. Transferring personal information outside Europe

The Client acknowledges that the personal information provided through our Company’s website might be transferred to countries outside the European Union, as part of the SEO services provided. The servers on which the Company’s website operates are located outside Europe and some of the service providers used by our Company are also located outside Europe which means that the personal information of Clients will automatically be accessed from outside European Union. The same applies in situations when the Client employs the services of Gamit Web Services from outside the European Union.

Under General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) (the “GDPR”), in situations where the Client’s personal data is transferred outside EEA, our Company will ensure the data is treated as securely and safely as it would be in European Economic Area.

21. Age compliance

Gamit Web Services fully complies with international laws regarding children’s privacy, so our Company does not collect and process personal data from persons under the age of 18. The services offered by our Company and the Company’s website is not intended for persons under the age of 18. If a person is under 18 it should stop using our website immediately. However, in situations where our Company, unknowingly, collected information about persons under the age of 18, we should be contacted immediately to remove the information.

It is the Client’s responsibility to adhere to this age compliance requirement. Our Company is not liable for situations where the Client knowingly chooses to break this requirement and provides wrongfully information.

22. Further changes and amendments

From time to time, Gamit Web Services might change or amend the terms of this Privacy Policy, due to changes in law or changes in services. The new terms will be posted on the Company’s website or we might notify the Client directly. We suggest that the Client frequently checks the Privacy Policy of our Company. The Client must agree to the new changes to continue using the Company’s website and services. If the Client does not agree to the changes he must immediately stop using the Company’s website and announce the refusal to comply with the changes at

23. Contact us

Anytime the Client wants to contact Gamit Web Services regarding opinions about the privacy practices or inquiries about its personal information, it can do so by contacting our team at or write to us at Malmo Office Tower, floor 6 no.604, 30 Stirbei Voda Street, Craiova, Dolj, Romania.