What are guest posts? How to build guest posts? How efficient are the guest posts backlinks? GAMIT answers the most frequent questions about the guest post services.

GAMIT Guest Post Services Prices

GAMIT Guest Post Services Inlcude:

You will check and approve the content – our services are fully transparent and we want you to be pleased with our work every step of the way. This is why we like to receive feedback from our customers each milestone of the project. So, once the article is written by our professional writers, you will receive it for verification and approval.

2 Quality pictures included in the article – the article will have a really nice structure with titles, subtitles, bullet points, paragraphs and two quality pictures inserted into the content. The article needs to have a high-quality aspect so it can attract both readers and search engines to index it quickly (Google spiders).

High quality back-links to your website

Each guest post will have 2 backlinks – we will insert 2 back-links to your website in the 1000 words guest post article that we will write and publish for you. One of the links will be placed in the first part of the article (second or third paragraph) and the second back-link at the end of the article. We can link back to your home page, website inner pages such as services section, products, etc.

We will use 2 keywords for the back-links – we can use keywords/key phrases to link back to your website. We recommend to use the keywords for which you want your website to increase its Google ranks and reach the first page in Google. We can also use your company name, website name or anything that you want to link back to your website.

100% Manual outreach process – Once you approve the guest post article, we will start to search for the perfect guest post website to publish it on. Our publishing team will manually start to contact webmasters and request to have the article published on their websites.

High DA genuine websites with real traffic – Our publishing team will get in touch with webmasters of real websites. We check each website to be loved by Google, have original content and good Alexa rankings.

Fast return of investment – you will see fast results by promoting your website through guest posts backlinks. We will publish the 1000 words article on websites which are quickly indexed by Google, on a daily basis.

High visible results for your rankings – guest posts are the most efficient technique of promotion and building valuable back links to your website. You will start to see noticeable Google ranks improvements for your keywords and website as soon as the guest post is published.

Full reports with all our work

100% Transparent services – we clearly explain what we do from the beginning. We send constant reports with all that we do and you will check everything. Our services are transparent so you know from the beginning exactly what you pay for and what you will get.

100% White label reports – we send full reports with our work which are white label. This means that you can add your own logo and signature and send these to your customers. You can use our services for outsource or you can become one of our resellers.

100% Satisfaction guarantee – our goal is to satisfy all our customers with our specialized SEO services. However, if you are not satisfied with our work then be sure that we will do everything that we can to meet all your expectations.

How do we use guest posts as an active link building technique?

GAMIT uses guest posts for link building. Actually, is one of the most powerful SEO techniques that we use. But there is a catch! On its own, guest posting has very little results. Other factors must also be considered. We take into account all of these before starting a campaign.

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Guest posts are still relevant! You just have to do it correctly, and we can help. Don’t waste your time and money using inefficient methods and half-completed processes to chase results! Contact GAMIT!

How do we write a guest post?

Every article written starts with a thorough research. Consistent, valuable data is collected on the client’s business and industry. Guest post is more than a method of acquiring a backlink, is a method of connecting to the audience and potential clients. That is why we research the most sought out topics of the industry, and we produce content ideas that will both attract and engage readers.

The content of the article will be well-written and structured, helpful and relevant to your business. We will use inspiring headlines, significant knowledge, and embedded relevant sources.

Where do we publish a guest post?

As with the writing, we start the publication of guest posts with a comprehensive research of the most popular and appropriate content websites for our client’s business. It might sound very simple, but finding quality content blogs or websites with high domain authority, traffic, strong base of readers, and targeted to the business niche of our client, is no easy job.

Nevertheless, our team is committed to providing top results for our clients, and this means that we will conduct a thorough analysis, find the most suitable websites and get the guest posts published.

What are the advantages of using guest post services?

Still not sure about the many benefits? This is what Search Engine Watch said about guest posts at the beginning of 2020: “A well-executed strategy will provide your site targeted referral traffic as well as improved authority and ranking ability. Use guest blogging opportunities to brand your business, demonstrate thought leadership and build mutually beneficial relationships through your link building efforts in 2020.”

Are you convinced? Try out guest posts in your next SEO campaign!

Guest posting or guest blogging remains an authentic and powerful tool for search engine optimization.

Many variables have changed over the years. Search engines constantly update their algorithms and improve assessment elements behind ranking a website. On the same note, users’ expectations shifted. Most of the online consumers these days are looking for relevant content for their needs and they will immediately leave a website that does not answer their needs. And search engines, especially Google, complies with the needs of its users, constantly looking for ways to display only the most significant information.

You must not be discouraged by such changes. In every industry that grows and develops change is normal. The good news is that you are not alone and that you can always trust GAMIT with improving your website’s ranking in search engines. We benefit from 13 years of experience in the SEO industry, we use only the safest and most valuable online marketing techniques, and we are fully dedicated to your success.

Guest posts services for 2020: How to build the most efficient backlinks for your website and how much it costs

1. What are backlinks?

Backlinks is a term used in the SEO industry and it represents the links that point to your site. These links can come from forums, social media platforms or other sites. In general, the more links a site has the more successful it is.

Benefits offered by backlinks

This success comes in many forms. The most important one is that backlinks improves the ranks that a site has in SERPs. Of course, not every link will do that, only those that are aproved by the Google’s algorithm.

Backlinks, also, offer other benefits. Traffic is one of the most important ones. Through the links placed online, those that click them will be sent to your site. This offers you the chance to convince them to follow your blog, to buy your products, or to become your business colaborators.

Also, by being mentionated on diverse sites, your brand’s fame will grow as well and more and more people will know its name. This can either positively or negatively affect the trust that the potential clients will have in your brand. Thus, making it harder or easier to seall your products or services.

The effects that backlinks have SEO will also vary depending on the quality of those links. If you offer value through those links, then your site’s ranks will imporve much more and they will offer benefits for a long time. On the oter hand, if you smap the links or use other underhanded methods (named black hat techniques in SEO) then you may see possitive effect in the short term, but in the long run your ranks will drop in will be harder to reach the first page of Google.

Methods to generate high quality-links

There are may methods to generate links, but the ones the produced the best results are social madia posts, forum answers & reviews, and guest post articles. Social media is a very large industry and it can be used by businesses to increase their reach.

There are two methods to use social media. The paid method, thrugh which a business will pay for all the visitors tha are generated through the ads they place there. Or the organic one through which a business can offer value to its followers and redirect them towards its site.

The best method to place links on forums is by answering questions or by making guides. By doing this you can safely place a link as an solution or as a source of information. This will not only ensure that it will be productive towards your site ranks but also that thse that benefits from your answers and guides will gain trust in your brand.

But the most efficient and productive method to acquire backlinks is through guest posts. This method requires you to find sites related to your industry that accepts guest posts and convince them to let you post an article as well.

2. Why should you use guest blogging?

By using this method you will be able to obtain the biggest amount of benefits. Of course, you do not need to linit yourself to only one method. You can make use of all of them and by doing so you will obtain enormous benefits.

It is obvious that you should focus more resourses on the one that bring the most ROI. Below you will see the importance of the benefits you will obtain through guest posting. That should make you understand how important they are for your business.

Benefits you can obtain through guest posting

1. Brand awareness. This is the most obvious benefit. The more sites you find that will accept your posts the more people you can reach. If the quality of your articles in good, then you produce an positiv impact on the new audience and in this way you can make them remember you and/or your brand.

2. Domain authority. This is one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithm considers while deciding your site’s rank. Conent has the biggest influence on this factor. That is why the links obatined through guest posts have the biggest succes. In comparation with the links obtained in other ways, these ones are ten times more efficient. Of course this depends on the quality of your content and the host of the article.

3. Traffic. Besides the obvious one you will obtain from the host site, you will also obtain more traffic through the increased raks you will acquire in SERPs. If the sites where you are guest posting have abig enough audience, then you have the chance to obtain a bigger boost than paid ads.

Methods to do guest posting

There are many methods to do guest positng. But in essence there are only two ways. The first one is to do your reasearch and learn how to find hosts, write articles and repeat the process, or you can colaborate with a SEO agency and let them do the task for you.

The first way require a lot of time and effort to be invested. It is especially harder in the begening when you have to do the research. The first thing you need to learn is how to write SEO articles. This skill is especially hard to acquire. It is easy to learn the teorhy and you can easily find them online but the process trhough which you need to obtain the expertize and experience required will consume a lot of your time and effort.

After you are able to write good SEO articles you need to research keywords and find hosts. There are many methods you can use to find them. The thing that they all have in common is the enourmous time required to find enough hosts to have success with this method.

Even after that you need to learn analitics. You must do this in order to find which links offers you the most benefits. This process s neccessary if you want to improve the results you get. If you do not want to lose months before you even begin to guest post then you can can find a SEO agency.

white label

3. Should you let the experts do the tasks?

The question is actually if you have the budget to colaborate with SEO experts. You will find bellow a comparation between doing SEO yourself and paying a SEO company. It will focus on the resourcess needed and the difference in the results obtained.

The first and most important resource that you need to think about is time. This refers not only to the time you need to implement the method but also the period needed for results to appear. The first mention is the amount of time you will lose by not colaborating with an agency.

At first it may seem like a choiche between investin time or money, but it isn’t. The question you should answe is, how much money could you make in the same amount of time, by focusing on the core products and services of your business. The amount will surely be more than the cost of the service.

You also need to keep in mind that a SEO agency will produce results much faster and much better than you could. I is obvious because that is what they focus on. So You not only lose time but you will also obtain smaller results.

The only exception to this comparation are of course SEO experts or those that just steped in the business world. They will problably obtai a better ROI by gues posting themselves than colaborating with and agency.

4. How much will it cost you?

Depending on the method chosen your costs will differ greatly. By studing the prices of an SEO agency and comparing them with the costs of the DIY method you should understand which one is more advantageous for your business.

GAMIT is a SEO agency with much experience and very high-end skills. The monthly price can vary depending on the package you choose. It actually depends on the needs of your business. By consulting with GAMIT you will be able to find out which package will bring the largest ROI to you.

Imagine that you choose the 499$ package and compare the amount of time, effort and resources you would need to invest to be able to reproduce the services that you get. For the first part of Analis & set up you would need to learn how to make keyword research. You also need to find out how to make the audit and optimizations needed. You also need to analise you competitors websites to know who are you fighting against.

Do not forget that you will also need tools to be able to implement everything mentionated above. Every SEO agency uses them to improve the quality of the results they are able to bring. For them it is a very good investment because they are able to use those tools for all thir clients. On the other hand you will only use them for your site, so the ROI will much much lower.

Because of their experience, expertize and connection they will be able to create high-quality content and host for guest posting much faster than you could ever do. As mentionated above, the quality of content is very important. The results you will get depends mostly on it. Will you be able to write better content than them? If you do not have the skills then you problably can’t do that.

The tracking of the results and the ablity to shit the strategies will also ensure that the results they get will be much higher than yours. It does not matter how you campare them because you will allways find out that it is much efficient and productive to colaborate with an SEO agency than implementing everything yourself.

5. The decision is all yours.

You are the one who needs to decide. Now, the choice should be quite easy to make. But to help you, here’s the summary of your decision. If you have the necessary skills already in your company, or you just started a business then your best investment will be to do the guest posting yorself.

On the other hand, if you do not have the skills and your business already has a place secured in the market, then your best choice is to colaborate with an SEO agency. Of course, you know the best what is the situation of your business and you you should analize your options before you make your choice.

Most of the business will always obtain more and better benefits by colaborating with an agency. The time saved helps them grow their business faster while the higher return increases their profits much more than by guest posting themselves.

If you decided to let SEO experts take care of your task then you should find some options and reasearch them a bit. You need to understand that not every SEO agency is equal. Some are able to bring results while others are not. What you need to do is to find out what they are capable of and find the one that will bring the largest ROI. Find out what guaratees they offer, what reviews they have and how good are the results they obtained for other clients.

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