20 Questions that you need to ask your SEO provider

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1. What will I receive each month?

As soon as you will place your order through our site this is the process that will take place:

2. When will my site reach Top 5 rankings in Google for its keywords?

We have customers which get Top 5 results in Google after 3, 6 or 12 months of work. Please check our results section for more details and examples.

3. Can you give me top 5 reasons that will convince me to use Gamit services?

4. How long the results obtained for my site will last

5. What is your experience in the search engine optimization industry?

6. What makes Gamit different from all the other companies?

7. Do you offer white hat SEO services? How can I be sure of this?

8. Does Gamit changes/updates its strategies based on the newest Google algorithm updates?

9. How will work on my project and what type of communication we will have?

10. Do you analyse my site from all points of view?

11. Will you create a custom SEO plan for my site needs?

12. What type of guarantees I will receive that your SEO strategies will work for my site also?

13. How will I pay for your services? For example, if I choose a 6 months contract, I will make a onetime payment for the entire 6 months or I will pay monthly

14. Can I stop the collaboration with you at any time or do we need to finish all the 6 months if I choose a 6 months plan?

15. Can I review all the files (such as articles, press releases) that you will write and use to build the links to my site?

16. Can I review all the links built to my site each month?

17. Can I give suggestions on what ideas to use in the articles, press releases, blog articles, etc., that you will write for me to publish on my site and that you will use in the link building campaigns?

18. Do you write original content for my site and link building campaigns?

19. Many SEO “gurus” use automated software for building back links, do you do the same?

20. What type of free SEO services do you offer?

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