Reactions regarding fluctuations in Google ranking

Search engines are the first tools users turn to when they are interested in just about anything. If you want to be sure your site will be among the first they will visit, you should focus on how to get to the top of Google rankings. There are quite a few things you can do for this, but you have to know what you must do after you will achieve your goal.

People invest a great deal of effort in SEO so they can get the results they are interested in. There is a side effect that will take its toll on your behavior. Because you want to keep track of the results you are interested in, you will keep an eye on the progress the site has made. You can use the right tools to achieve this daily, weekly or even monthly.

It is important to see SEO results from your activity, but you have to be sure you will do it properly. When you monitor the rankings of your site, you will notice quite a few fluctuations. This happens because there are constant changes in the Google rankings and your site may be the one that will drop a few positions at one time. What should you do?

Shifts in Google rankings are normal

Reactions regarding fluctuations in Google ranking

When you see a drop in your rankings, one of the first reactions that will come to mind is panic. You feel like all the efforts you put in have been in vain and all the money you spent went down the drain. This is not even close to the truth and you must be sure you will not take any measures that will have a negative impact on your site later on.

You have to know that shifts in Google rankings are normal and they are going to happen quite often. Your site can drop a few positions for a little while and then it can go back up. This is not out of the ordinary and you should not change your entire strategy just because your site dropped a few ranks. This can have a negative impact on it later on.

If you want to make the right choices from the start, you should start by analyzing a period of a few weeks before you can find out the truth. A day to day comparison will not offer a clear image about what is going on. If you focus on the pages around you and they are doing the same thing, it means there is nothing wrong with what you are doing.

You should take the time to check out the traffic you will get from Google. If this does not change even if your rank has fluctuated, you can be sure everything is on track. If you want to know reasons you should be worried about, you should see a significant rank drop of a number of pages from your site in a short period of time. The Moz Blog is going to show you what to expect and how to react to fluctuations in Google rankings.

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