Responses on Google Penguin updates

The online community always has its eyes set on Google and the updates it is going to add to the algorithm since this is the first search engine people use for their queries. Given its popularity, the team at Google strives to offer the best results in every query and this is why they add all sorts of updates to their search algorithm also.

Penguin is an update released in April 2012 and it was meant to flush out all the sites that used dubious black hat methods to improve their ranks. This is not something Google will stand for and it has made every effort to clean the query results of such sites since this is why they have made the changes to the algorithm in the first place.

One of the main issues people have to deal with is that Penguin has also impacted sites that may not have used the methods described before, yet they have been put to the wall because of it. In order to get back on track, they have made quite a few changes to their sites, but they were not able to bounce back to their original rankings.

Concerning the Penguin update

Responses on Google Penguin updates

This is why they are waiting for a new Penguin update so they can enjoy a softer impact from the Google algorithm. It has been more than ten months since the last update and people still want to see a change in this direction. One of the sources you can use when it comes to this topic is the videos with a Google representative.

John Mueller was the one that was asked about this update on August 15th and his responses were not satisfying for the users. In the usual ambiguous note, he said “at the moment we don’t have anything to announce”. Apart from this he said “Panda is the one run more regularly now” and this was the one with the more tweaks.

Concerning the Penguin update, Mueller said that “it’s been on for quite a while now” and the “engineer are working on” it. One of the other things he assured the online community is “it is not happening this morning”. But when should people expect it?

Was it safe to say it will be launched that afternoon or not? Since Google likes rolling out its updates later during Fridays, most people were concerned that the Penguin update would be launched then. A later post would reveal that it was not released on August 15th, but there were quite a few fluctuations that Friday and people believe that Google tested a few things, but rolled them back.

If you are interested in learning more about the announcements made by Google and its team, one of the first sites you need to visit is the one of SE Roundtable. This is where you will find quite a few more answers and you will get to watch the video when John Mueller makes all the statements you read about here and others as well.

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