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There are plenty of SEO experts Australia out there, so what makes us different from the rest? Is the results! It is all about the results, as MOZ says it: “Rankings, traffic, and conversions are all critical metrics”.

Most companies will glow with the outcomes of their work but often these are not able to show concrete results. That is not how Gamit does things!!! We are proud of what we achieve and glad to share this with you! The results will always matter! So let us show you what our work meant for some of our Australia clients.

Gamit’s SEO Australia Experience

Efficient Services – If you are in search of an SEO company Australia who can deliver top quality results, then you are in the right place. In our 13 years of experience in the field, we have successfully established a very efficient technique. We use a combination of content creation, link building using high authority websites and 100% manual posting. The process is natural for the search engine and totally safe for your site.

Professional Team – Our team is the perfect choice for any SEO reseller Australia because we have the necessary resources and knowledge to increase the visibility and traffic for any Australian site. We are able to obtain both national and local rankings. You might ask why do you need local ranking. Searchengineland debates this aspect in many articles but the general conclusion is that people search for local businesses using search engines. Even Google points to the same conclusion in its study of local consumers’ behaviour. So, according to the needs of your business, we will provide high listing for your keywords in Australian search engines. But, don’t take our word for it, CHECK OUT OUR RESULTS!!

Diversity – The sites and the keywords chosen for the link building Australia campaigns reacted extremely positive to our methods and strategies regardless of business orientation, niche demands or keywords competition. We have provided SEO services Australia for challenging businesses in highly competitive fields as well as for less demanding sites, and successfully achieved top ranking for both medium and high competitive keywords. Check out the reports below for more details!

Customers Results 8 months Results Analysis (November 2018 – May 2019)

View the Global (Australia) PDF report or the WEB version.

View the Local (SEO services Sydney) PDF report or the web version

  • For each site, we use a combination of over 20 different white hat strategies which are natural, hand-made and totally clean. Through years of research and improvement, we have developed a strategy that is 100% safe for your site and extremely effective. We use this strategy to successfully rank websites in all search engines including location search engines.
  • The reports attached show the rankings obtained by after our 6 months program. Half of the keywords showed no presence in TOP 100 of Google Australia and the other half showed strong positions on the first page. The keywords showed a slow increase in ranks over the month and after 6 months of work, the keywords which already were on the first page went to TOP 3 online searches in and the keywords which had no position previous to our work reached the first page. Local ranks results show that the site occupies first two pages in Google Australia for its relevant keywords.
  • We are very happy with the outcome of this campaign and we are proud that, through our work, we help clients receive the traffic and revenues they wish for. We will continue the work for and we are convinced that through ongoing work, we can further improve the position of the keywords in Sydney Australia. So, if you are looking for an SEO company Sydney, you are in the right place. Results Analysis:

View the global ranks (Australia) PDF report or the WEB version

View the local (SEO services Sydney) PDF report or the Web version.

View the local (Wetherill-Park-Australia) PDF report or the Web version.

View the local (Prestons-Australia) PDF report or the Web version.

View the local (Picton-Australia) PDF report or the Web version.

View the local (MacArthur-Australia) PDF report or the Web version.

View the local (Campbelltown-Australia) PDF report or the Web version.

  • The client had chosen medium to low competitive keywords and we have suggested a smaller package for his site. The initial ranking report made for the keywords, before we started the work, showed no presence for these in TOP 100 Google Australia.
  • After several months of work, all of the keywords used by the client entered the first 2 pages of the Australian search engine. The attached ranking reports presents the evolution of the keywords during our 6 months collaboration. The keywords reached TOP 30 after only 3 months, which is an impressive result in such a short time, especially considering that these started from a point of no position. After this point, the keywords only went higher and higher in ranks and we are convinced that through regular campaigns the site will reach TOP 3 in Google Australia.
  • We are 100% sure of the efficiency of our methods because we use top quality strategies to optimize a site for search engines. We are constantly updating and improving our techniques to respect Google algorithms and maintain the process safe and natural. You can find out more details regarding these and how it could benefit your site. Contact us today for more information! 6 months Results Analysis (September 2019 – April 2019):

View the Global (Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version.

View the Local (Glendenning – Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version.

  • The marketing strategies that we use are adapted to Google algorithms, with natural, hand-made, clean techniques, no spam. The combination between content update and link building tactics has proven to be a recipe for success in improving our clients rankings in search engines. The strategies we deploi are efficient in Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as specific location search engines – in this case Google Australia.
  • We started working for a little over a year now. You can see the results of our work by checking the above report. 24% of the keywords used for this campaign had no presence in search engines at the beginning of our work. Through monthly campaigns, over the course of a year the rankings of the client improved considerably. Now 100% of the keywords are on the first two pages of, with 76% of the keywords getting in Top10 searches.
  • The client used one of our smallest packages, because he decided to concentrate on 4 keywords each month but as you can see from the report monthly work and alternation of keywords helped improving the ranks of all keywords.
  • Following the positive results obtained we have suggested that the client goes to a maintance plan to help its ranks keep the same positions. 5 years Results Analysis (2014-2019):

View the Global (Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version.

View the Local (SEO Sydney) PDF report or check the WEB version.

View the Local (Roselands – Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version.

  • is one of our oldest clients. We have an on-going collaboration for 5 years now. During this time, apart from the scheduled pauses, we have conducted monthly link building campaigns for our client using different keywords. Pauses between campaigns are a must and are part of the tactics we use to avoid Google penalization.
  • Please check the above report to see the evolution of the keywords during the 4 years since we started the collaboration with our client. Almost all keywords for which the client wanted to optimize his site had no presence in search engines at the beginning. Slowly their rankings started to improve and you can see their evolution through the years. 85% of all keywords reached Top 10 positions in Google Australia, which is a positive results for our client’s site because these ranking improvements meant an increase in his traffic and of course revenues.
  • We are convinced that through our continuous link building campaigns we can maintain the No.1 position achieved by some of the keywords and further improve the rankings of the other ones. We only use white hat strategies which are safe and natural for our clients’ sites.
  • We keep a continuous communication with our clients during the campaigns with regular updates, full reports and ranking improvement statistics. You can have aces to all of these if you decide to contact us today for a tailored proposal for your site. Our SEO agency Sydney delivers every time top results. 3 months Results Analysis (February 2019 – May 2019):

View the Global (Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version

View the local (Liverpool – Australia) PDF report or check the WEB version

  • Before we start the work for a client’s site we set up a detailed initial evaluation which covers multiple areas of a site ‘s functionality. We check the on-site optimization of the site, a report meant to show to the client what needs to improve in the site’s structure. We also run an in deep duplicate content check. Duplicate content is the number one enemy in Google’s eyes so to improve a site’s performance in search engines, it needs original and informative content. These two reports are sent to the client together with a keyword suggestion report, an initial ranking analysis and a step by step proposal to increase the site’s ranks. This proposal is tailored to the client’s needs and demands and is set up according to the number of keywords used in the campaign and the results of the initial evaluation.
  • Such an initial evaluation was conducted for and before starting the work we have advised the client on how to solve the issues pointed out by the reports. We have started the work for back in February 2019 and according to the initial ranking analysis, almost all the keywords chosen to optimize the site showed no presence in TOP 100 of After 3 months of ongoing, monthly work, the site reached the first and second page of online searches for its keywords. This is a very positive result and proof for the efficiency of our methods./li>
  • The reports show you the evolution of the keywords in the last 3 months for both national as well as local searches in Google Australia. Your site can benefit from the same positive outcomes if you chose to trust our team. Don’t hesitate to contact us, you will not regret it!

    Check more results (global & local rankings reports) obtained for our Ausralian customers!