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The marketing strategies that we use are adapted to Google algorithms, with natural, hand-made, clean techniques, no spam. The combination of content update and link building tactics has proven to be a recipe for success in improving our client’s rankings in search engines. The strategies we deploy are efficient in Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as specific location search engines – in this case Google Australia.

The client used one of our smallest packages because he decided to concentrate on 4 keywords each month but as you can see from the report monthly work and alternation of keywords helped to improve the ranks of all keywords.

Following the positive results obtained we have suggested that the client goes to a maintenance plan to help its ranks keep the same positions.

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The client had chosen medium to low competitive keywords and we have suggested a smaller package for his site. The initial ranking report made for the keywords, before we started the work, showed no presence for these in TOP 100 Google Australia.

We are 100% sure of the efficiency of our methods because we use top quality strategies to optimize a site for search engines. We are constantly updating and improving our techniques to respect Google algorithms and maintain the process safe and natural. You can find out more details regarding these and how it could benefit your site by contacting us today for more information!

| SEO audit | Google rank checker | SEO services | SEO articles | Contact us | Sign up to our newsletter| is one of our oldest clients. We have an on-going collaboration for 5 years now. During this time, apart from the scheduled pauses, we have conducted monthly link building campaigns for our client using different keywords. Pauses between campaigns are mandatory and are part of the tactics we use to avoid Google penalization.

We are convinced that through our continuous link building campaigns we can maintain the No.1 position achieved by some of the keywords and further improve the rankings of the other ones. We only use white hat strategies which are safe and natural for our clients’ sites.

We keep continuous communication with our clients during the campaigns with regular updates, full reports, and ranking improvement statistics. You can have aces to all of these if you decide to contact us today for a tailored proposal for your site.

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For each site, we use a combination of over 20 different white hat strategies which are natural, hand-made and totally clean. Through years of research and improvement, we have developed a strategy that is 100% safe for your site and extremely effective. We use this strategy to successfully rank websites in all search engines including location search engines.

We are very happy with the outcome of this campaign and we are proud that, through our work, we help clients receive the traffic and revenues they wish for. We will continue the work for and we are convinced that through ongoing work, we can further improve the position of the keywords in Sydney Australia. So, if you are looking for an SEO company Sydney, you are in the right place

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