SEO services Canada with proven results

Our professional SEO company Canada, called Gamit, started working in the search engine optimization industry in 2006. Our experience and constant research in improving our methods make us one of the top providers of SEO services in Canada. The techniques we use fully comply with the latest updates in Google algorithms and this makes the process 100% natural and safe. Unlike other SEO Canada providers, we can show you the actual results of our work. Check out the reports below for more details.

As previously mentioned, we constantly research and update our methods. Lately, we have invested resources and time into developing efficient strategies for improving the ranks locally. According to Google, there is an increase in searches based on location and the usage of geo-targeted keywords. () As a result, many local businesses have improved their online visibility. As part of our SEO services Canada, we devised a strategy that focuses on location search terms with successful results for both local SEO and global SEO Canada.

3 Advantages of Choosing Gamit as your SEO Resellers Canada

Experience – Our background includes 13 years of researching and improving SEO services in Canada.

Professional team – Our company’s members have higher education degrees in technical fields of electronics and computer engineering. Their technical knowledge makes them experts in how search engines operate.

Proven results – You can scroll through over 2000 reviews received on our Freelancer profile and you can check the detailed reports, presented on this page, to see the results achieved for our canadian clients.

3 Steps to Establish a Personalized SEO Strategy

Initial evaluation – A site must be properly prepared and optimized for SEO services Canada. To verify the status of a site’s functionality we perform the following checks: 1. Content plagiarism. 2. Search engine penalty. 3. On-site optimization. 4. Backlinks history.

Business assessment – Understanding the business of the client and its respective market field is imperative in establishing a proper online marketing strategy. In this regard, we must identify the target audience and the most relevant search terms to promote the website.

Goals setting – First page results is what we aim to deliver to all our clients but the outcome of a campaign is always influenced by on-site functionality, keywords competition, initial rankings, budget. Setting a realistic, achievable goal for the campaign is the main focus of our SEO company Canada.

Check more results (global and local rankings reports) obtained for our Canada customers.