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There are two main ingredients which grant the success of our professional services: original content and natural link building UK from high authority sites. Many experts point out the relevance of these techniques. Search Engine Land describes content, maps citations and local link building as crucial in ranking a site locally. The same can be said about Michigan Tech which places content and worthy link building at the top of their “Ways to improve your ranking list”.

The steps that we follow in our SEO process are:

Qualified Specialists

(PhD.) Ion G. Tudorache (Eng. MBA) Mihai C. Tudorache (MA) Loredana I. Mihai
(President and Co-founder) (President and Co-founder) (Project Manager, SEO expert)
With a deep knowledge of many routing algorithms used in WSN, Google search engine algorithm comes easily to me to understand….read more. I am responsible for data analysis of the completed projects to identify the main factors which contribute to the Google ranking….read more. Loredana is our project manager. She supervises each step of your project and makes sure everything is kept on schedule….read more.

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Customers Results – Results Analysis for a period of 12 months (July 2018 – July 2019)

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seo report

  • We have started working for on July 2018. The site was submitted to an initial evaluation and the results showed duplicate issues for most of the website’s content and no presence in search engines for the chosen keywords. We have suggested the Gold package for our customer. By choosing the Gold package our clients receive new content articles for their site and link building services for up to 8 keywords. The two strategies, creating new content and link building, complement each other and give the site a boost in rankings.
  • The keywords chosen for this campaign have medium to low competitiveness so these reacted well to our tactics improving their positions in a short time frame. The new content added to the site pages helped to get the site indexed more quickly and increasing its overall ranking in search engines.
  • In just 6 months, almost all of the client’s keywords entered Top 100 online searches in Google UK which is an impressive result considering that these had no presence in search engines when we started the work. In the next 6 months, the keywords followed the same positive trend and occupy in July 2019, the first 2 pages of Google online searches in the UK. We are 100% sure that in the following months we will continue improving the rankings of the keywords and getting them to Top 10 searches in
  • All of our online marketing strategies are safe and successful. These have been developed as a result of our 12 years of experience in this industry. Each ranking report we provide for our customers is a statement of the efficiency and success of our methods. Positive results were also obtained in local searches for geographical areas relevant to the client’s business. Half of the keywords occupy the first place in online searches for these areas.

We have started the SEO campaign for two months ago. This website is part of a larger portfolio which the client owns and for which we have conducted multiple SEO campaigns in the last years. The site is part of a very competitive business niche, nevertheless, our methods confirmed their efficiency and we managed to obtain top-ranking positions for our client.

Same positive results are also visible in the local searches for Coventry geographical area. This outcome proves, once again, that our methods are equally efficient for global searches and local searches. Local listings are becoming more and more important as an increased number of local businesses seek online recognition. Our team has successfully developed SEO strategies that meet any requirements of the local market.

| SEO audit | Google rank checker | SEO services | SEO articles | Contact us | Sign up to our newsletter| – Ranking Analysis for a period of 12 months (July 2018 – July 2019)

View the Global (SEO UK) PDF report or check the WEB version

View the Local (SEO Harrow – UK) PDF report or the WEB version

View the Local (SEO London – UK) PDF report or the WEB version

View the Local (SEO Wembley – UK) PDF report or the WEB version

SEO services report

  • The combination of tactics that we use is highly effective in all search engines, as well as online searches for specific locations, in this particular case Google UK. All our methods are clean, hand-made, natural and we use a mix of white-hat techniques that make the process 100% safe for your site.
  • We started the work for 12 months ago. Almost all keywords used to optimize this site had NO presence in Google UK when we first started the work. The report shows the evolution of the keywords during these past 12 months. At the beginning of the campaign, we recorded a slow increase in ranks but through constant, monthly campaigns we managed to obtain very good results. The start of 2019 showed an improvement as multiple keywords entered Top 100. Throughout the campaign, 36% of the total keywords went straight to first place in Google UK and 100% reached the first and second page of UK search engines. This is a very positive result for the client’s site and traffic and it proves the efficiency of our methods. Local Ranking Reports show positive results for the Client’s website. The keywords occupy top positions in local SERPs for 3 geographical areas relevant to the client’s business.
  • The client chose one of our smaller packages because he wanted to concentrate on 4 keywords at a time. The keywords were changed regularly between campaigns over the last 12 months and as you can see from the report all keywords showed improvement. We will continue the work for using a combination of different techniques to further improve and maintain the ranks of our client.
  Report – Ranking Analysis for a period of 6 months (February 2019 – July 2019)

View the Global (UK) PDF Report or the WEB version

View the Local (SEO London UK) PDF report or WEB version

Harrow SEO Report

  • We have started the work for on February 2019. The report shows you the evolution of the keywords after 6 months of continuous campaigns. We have conducted an initial evaluation of the client’s website and established a proper strategy based on the results of this evaluation. In this case, we have opted for combined methods using both content optimization and off-site link building optimization. The client chose to concentrate on a few keywords which were medium competitive so we have suggested one of our smallest packages for a period of a minimum of 6 months.
  • Each of our projects follows the same structure: initial evaluation, setting the strategy, implementation of techniques and reporting. Each of these steps is communicated to the client in the form of comprehensive reports. We do our best to keep the process transparent and to maintain a close communication with all our clients.
  • Based on the initial ranking report, almost none of the keywords chosen for the campaign showed any presence in TOP 100 UK searches. But, the site and the keywords responded well to our techniques and after only 2 months, all keywords reached the first 100 positions in SERPs. In the following months, the keywords pursued a positive trend and improved their ranking, reaching the first 2 pages in Google UK after another 4 months of SEO. The site also has a very strong position for its keywords when you check the local searches.
  • This combination of methods using both content optimization and off-site optimization is very efficient, beneficial for the site’s overall performance in search engines and most importantly – 100% safe.
  Report – Results Analysis for a period of 9 months (November 2018 – August 2019)

View the PDF report or check the WEB version


  • We started working for in May 2018. During our collaboration, we have handled regular link building campaigns. A successful SEO process takes time because it must be done as natural as possible. Pauses must be scheduled between link building campaigns to keep the process safe and clean for the client.
  • This report shows the evolution of the keywords in the last 9 months of our collaboration. 65% of the keywords used to optimize the site had no presence in search engines at the beginning of the campaign. After our work, all keywords improved their rankings and according to the latest ranking statistic, 100% of the keywords have a strong presence in Top 20 online UK searches. You can see a constant improvement for the keywords over the last 9 months and considering the initial rankings we can attest to the efficiency of our methods. 65% of the keywords reached the second page in Google UK and 35% of them got to Top 10 in Google UK. The industry in which our client activates is a very competitive one but we are convinced that with our help the site will reach top rankings.
  • The strategies that we used for included writing new content, as well as, the use of 13 different link building techniques. Refreshing the content of your website regularly will help its overall ranking in search engines because Google appreciates everything that has new, original content. The initial evaluation of the client’s website revealed that it needed an update of the content presented so we developed fresh, original texts for the main categories of the site. This impacted on the overall ranking of the website and sustained the outcome of the SEO campaign.
  report – Ranking Analysis for a period of 12 months (July 2018 – July 2019)

View the Global (All UK) PDFor check the WEB version

View the local (SEO Manchester)PDFor check the WEB version.

View the local (SEO Cheshire)PDFor check the WEB version.

View the local (SEO Essex)PDFor check the WEB version.

Search engine optimisation report

  • We started working for in March 2018 and during the last 10 months we have conducted several link building campaigns for our customer. During this time we had sheduled pauses between the campaigns and this is because we need to avoid Google penalization so regular pauses are required in ongoing link building campaigns.
  • The above report shows the results we obtained for during our 10 months collaboration. At the start of the campaign, only 3 out of the 9 keywords used by our client to optimize his site had rankings. The rest of them had NO presence in search engines. The rankings improved during our collaboration and the overall evolution is very positive. Half of the keywords used in the link building campaigns reached 1st page of Google UK and this is a very impressive result for our client’s site. Improvement in rankings means improvement in traffic and revenues and this is what we struggle to offer to all our clients.
  • The techniques we use are safe and natural because we only use white hat methods. We strongly believe in our work and we are convinced that through monthly work the keywords used will further improve their positions in online searches.
  • We are commited to having a good collaboration with our clients and this why we keep the clients informed with the progress of their project thorugh regular updates, full reports and ranking improvement statistics. You can have acces to all of these if you decide to contact us today for a tailored proposal for your site.
  Search engine optimisation report

Check more results (global & local rankings reports) obtained for our UK customers

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