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What we offer to clients, is a complete portfolio of services. Our main goal, as a specialized SEO company USA, is to optimize the client’s site and provide first page rankings for relevant search terms. The process requires in-depth knowledge of Google algorithms, numerous resources, ongoing updates, determination and time. Here is what to expect from us:

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(PhD.) Ion G. Tudorache (Eng. MBA) Mihai C. Tudorache (MA) Loredana I. Mihai
(President and Co-founder) (President and Co-founder) (Project Manager, SEO expert)
With a deep knowledge of many routing algorithms used in WSN, Google search engine algorithm comes easily to me to understand….read more. I am responsible for data analysis of the completed projects to identify the main factors which contribute to the Google ranking….read more. Loredana is our project manager. She supervises each step of your project and makes sure everything is kept on schedule….read more.

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Our client,, began working with us 2 years ago. Throughout this time, we have conducted multiple SEO campaigns, almost monthly. Pauses were also scheduled regularly to allow time for the ranks to stabilize. Each pause meant an evaluation of the work done so far and an adjustment of the tactics and methods. It is important to allow certain pauses, for verification and evaluation purposes, but also because the SEO process must be natural so that can Google index the site organically.

Our client,, benefited from a content upgrade. This refresh of the content helped the site’s performance in search engines. Adding new content to your site regularly or upgrading and replacing it gets your site indexed by search engines and positively influence its rankings.

We always aim to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients’ sites and to do this we employ different SEO tactics and techniques. These are 100% hand-made, clean, white-hat and natural, so the process is safe for your site. All our work is professionally reported and we offer 24/7 customer support. At the end of each project, we offer before and after keywords improvements reports, similar to the ones presented on this page.

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We have started the work for in April 2019. As seen from the report, the evolution of the keywords used to optimize the site shows a positive trend during these 4 continuous months. An initial evaluation of the website was conducted before we started the work. Aspects like on-site optimization, duplicate content, initial rankings, were checked during the evaluation. The results of this initial analysis helped us determine the best SEO strategy for our client. We decided upon a combined method using both content optimization and off-site link building and we suggested our starter plan because the client wanted to concentrate on a few keywords.

We have a simple procedure that we follow for each client: initial evaluation, setting the strategy, implementation of techniques and reporting. We keep an open communication with our clients and each step of the process is reported. Comprehensive analyses are sent regularly and it is our way of keeping the process as transparent as possible for all our clients. Using a combination of methods, focusing on both content and off-site optimization, is beneficial for your site, is natural and safe and it will definitely improve your site’s performance in search engines

| SEO audit | Google rank checker | SEO services | SEO articles | Contact us | Sign up to our newsletter| – 6 months results analysis (February 2019 – July 2019)

View the Global (USA) PDF report or the web version.

View the Local (Los Angeles, USA) PDF report or the web version.

  • Our client,, opted for a 6 months campaign and chose a medium package for its keywords. The report shows how the keywords changed their positions, in terms of rankings, in the last 6 months of our collaboration.
  • A full evaluation of the client’s website was conducted before we established the most appropriate online marketing strategy. The results of the evaluation showed the initial position of the keywords, which had a strong presence in Google TOP 20, and a need for optimized content for the website. We have proceeded to make the necessary changes to the content before starting the off-site and link building campaign.
  • The mixed approach, which we used, proved successful and all keywords improved their positions by moving to Google TOP 10. Having optimized content is a must to increase the performance of the website in search engines. Most impressively, half of the keywords used reached the first two positions in Google and this is a position desired by most website owners. The Local Ranking for our client also looks very impressive, 75% of the keywords occupy the NO.1 spot.
  • We always establish a personalized strategy for each site based on findings from the initial evaluation. A tailored approach is desired in terms of maximizing the outcomes of a campaign. You can rest assured that your site will benefit from the same quality services. Contact us today for a custom proposal. – 7 months results analysis (December 2018 – July 2019)

View the Global (USA) PDF report or check the web version.

View the Local (Charlottesville) PDF report or check the web version.

View the Local (Richmond) PDF report or check the web version.

  • We have conducted several online marketing campaigns for our customer,, in the last 7 months. The client chose not to sign up for a monthly plan but we have directed several campaigns during our collaboration. The work continues for and we are sure in the next months, the site will reach the first position for all keywords. Improved rankings for the site’s keywords proves the efficiency of our work.
  • After 7 months, 50% of the keywords, used to optimize the site, reached the first page in Google and the other 50% reached the second page in Google. This is a very impressive result, especially considering that almost all keywords had NO position in search engines when we first started the work. You can check the above report for more details regarding the evolution of these keywords. The strategies we use were very effective for considering that the site reached the first page in only 7 months. The same can be said about local rankings as well. Currently, all of the clients’ keyphrases cover the first page in Google for the 2 most relevant regions for the client’s business.
  • Each site, that we work for, passes through an initial evaluation before we start the work. This evaluation consists of on-site verification and duplicate content issues. Based on the results obtained we establish the best off-site strategy to follow. Ranking a site on the first page of search engines is no easy job and this is the reason why a multitude of different tactics are required. Our clients are constantly informed about each step of the process because it is important to maintain open communication. Reports for each step of the process are sent to the client: on-site analysis, duplicate content report, result reporting, and ranking comparison analysis. 8 months of work – results analysis (November 2018 – July 2019).

View the Global (USA) PDF report or the web version!

  • We have started the work for in November 2018. the report shows the results obtained after 8 months of work and the evolution of the keywords throughout this period.
  • Our client had chosen medium to high competitive keywords and our initial evaluation showed no presence for these keywords in TOP 100. Still, the work that was carried out proven to be effective and the keywords slowly improved their position.
  • The methods that we use to rank a website are a culmination of years of research and experimentation and this is why these are safe, natural and 100% efficient.
  • In only 8 months the keywords moved from a “no position” to the No.1 spot in Moreso, all keyphrases used in the SEO campaign have reached the first 20 positions in SERPs. This is an impressive result and a confirmation of our strategies. WE will continue the work to maintain and further improve the ranks for
  • We constantly work to update and improve our methods and we are 100% committed to getting more traffic for our clients. – results analysis

View the Global (USA) PDF report or check the web version.

View the Local (Oregon) PDF report or check the web version.

View the Local (Portland) PDF report or check the web version.

View the Local (Vancouver) PDF report or check the web version.

  • There are several years since we started working for and the current reports show the website’s current rankings in Google’s organic searches and the rankings from the geographical areas that are relevant to the client’s business. Monthly campaigns were conducted for this website with regularly planned pauses between these campaigns. The keywords used to optimize the website have also been changed regularly.
  • The initial ranking for most of the keywords, back in 2016, indicated no presence in search engines. Slowly, over the months, through our link building campaigns which include both on-site optimization and white hat tactics, the keywords started to improve their positions reaching top rankings.
  • The services we provide for our clients are adapted to Google algorithms and we use 100% hand-made, natural techniques that deliver top quality results.
  • As you can see from the reports, the results obtained for are extremely positive with 80% of the keywords dominating page 1 of Google searches. More so, 3 of the keywords used obtained 1st position and this a remarkable results considering that 3 years earlier they had no presence in search engines.
  • These results demonstrate once more de efficiency of the strategies we use and the importance of clean search engine optimization strategies for your site. Please contact us for a personalized proposal! – 1 year results analysis (August 2018 – August 2019).

View the PDF report or the web report!

  • is one of our oldest clients. We have a campaign running for for 2 years now. Although we have regularly worked for this site, scheduled pauses were made during this period because the SEO process must be seen as natural as possible by the search engines.
  • At the beginning of the campaign, 60% of the keywords had no presence in search engines but through our constant work, all of the keywords reached higher positions in search engines. As you can see from the report, last year in August, all keyphrases had a strong presence in search engines. You can see the evolution of these keyphrases during the last 12 months. A positive trend was re3corded as the keywords improved their position as each month passed by. Current ranks show 75% of the keywords on the first page of
  • A safe and natural SEO process, done in time, through 100% hand-made, white hat techniques is the most successful because once a site reaches top positions it will maintain these for a longer time. The link building strategies used for were associated with on-site optimization analysis and the writing of fresh, original content. Content plays a crucial role in improving a site’s position in search engines. Google embraces everything that has new, original content whether it is the content of the website or the content that links back to the website through the link building campaign.
  • The client’s website benefited from a refresh of the content and this, in turn, helped the overall ranking of the site in search engines, improving the position of the keywords.
  • We will continue providing the same quality services for our client. We are positive that the ranks will improve further.


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You might ask yourself why you need this? Why should you aim for page 1 of Google searches and what makes Google so important? The answer to these questions is more obvious than you might think and it is enough to check the latest statistics in online searches.

Jeff Bullas, online marketing specialist, says “It is now known to be absolutely critical as research shows that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.”

According to Net Market Share, Google holds a total of 75.75% of the global search engine market share. This is massive and creates a huge difference between Google and the other search engines.

The newest statistic points out that “75% of users don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs. Recent SEO facts and figures reveal that the majority of users scan the first page of Google results quickly and never go past it.”