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What we offer to clients, is a complete portfolio of services. Our main goal, as a specialized SEO company USA, is to optimize the client’s site and provide first page rankings for relevant search terms. The process requires in-depth knowledge of Google algorithms, numerous resources, ongoing updates, determination and time. Here is what to expect from us:

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We have started the work for in April 2019. As seen from the report, the evolution of the keywords used to optimize the site shows a positive trend during these 4 continuous months. An initial evaluation of the website was conducted before we started the work. Aspects like on-site optimization, duplicate content, initial rankings, were checked during the evaluation. The results of this initial analysis helped us determine the best SEO strategy for our client. We decided upon a combined method using both content optimization and off-site link building and we suggested our starter plan because the client wanted to concentrate on a few keywords.


We have started the work for in August 2018. The report shows the results we obtained after 18 months of work, as well as the evolution of the keywords throughout this period. As you can see from the report, not only did we managed to achieve top ranking for all keywords but we also maintained and improved these positions.


Our client,, opted for a monthly campaign and chose a medium package for its keywords. The report shows how the keywords changed their positions, in terms of rankings, in the last 8 months of our collaboration.

Report is one of our oldest clients. We have a campaign running for for 4 years now. Although we have regularly worked for this site, scheduled pauses were made during this period because the SEO process must be seen as natural as possible by the search engines.


We have started an online marketing campaign for in August 2019. The initial evaluation of the client’s website revealed the position of the keywords in search engines, as well as several issues related to content optimization. Considering the results of the evaluation, we have established an off-site strategy focused on building authority and an on-site strategy focused on fresh and optimized content.


There are several years since we started working for Current reports show the website’s present rankings in Google’s organic searches as well as their evolution over the past 4 years. The reports also present the website’s ranking for the geographical areas that are relevant to the client’s business. Monthly campaigns were conducted for this website with regularly planned pauses in between. The keywords used to optimize the website have also been changed regularly.


We have conducted a monthly campaign for client, and you can see the results we obtained by analyzing the reports presented. The keywords chosen for the link building campaign were part medium, part highly competitive. The methods that we used for this campaign proved to be successful for both types of keywords.


We have conducted several online marketing campaigns for our customer,, in the last 12 months. The client chose not to sign up for a monthly plan, but we have conducted several campaigns during our collaboration. The work continues for, and we are sure that, in the next months, the site will reach the first position for all keywords. Improved rankings for the site’s keywords prove the efficiency of our work.


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You might ask yourself why you need this? Why should you aim for page 1 of Google searches and what makes Google so important? The answer to these questions is more obvious than you might think and it is enough to check the latest statistics in online searches.

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