SEO strategies that will work in 2013

We are well into 2013 and if you still haven’t worked on your SEO strategies for the year then it is high time you did so. The world of SEO is moving ahead at breakneck speed and if you don’t keep up with the pace your website ranking with Google is bound to go down the drain. As top search engines change their strategies and algorithms based on experience and maturity it is all about relevant adjustment from your side. And throughout this journey you will find hold your hand.

So what SEO strategies will work in 2013? Given below are some snapshots of what you can expect this year. Ensure you work with experts like, experts that can identify the best strategies for your website and have action happening.

These SEO strategies have evolved out of experience in dealing with data, discussions among SEO experts and providers and consideration of future trends.

Large shift toward social sharing.

Small sites can win the competition

In 2013 66% companies plan to increase their marketing budgets and 71% companies are looking to adjust in their SEO strategy this year.

There is going to be a large shift toward social sharing. Companies will need to build brands that can be shared across sites like Facebook and Twitter and this is going to give them better SEO results. However, one has to bear in mind that social sites are sharing less and less data with Google and other search engines.

While most people don’t consider it important enough Google is going to put in a lot of emphasis on easy navigation. A straightforward website with easy to follow links between web pages is where the emphasis will be this year.

Author Rank is another important SEO driver for 2013. Google will measure content of a website based on the reputation of the author. The ranking will be based on social influences and endorsements, comments on social mediums and the experience of the author in writing website content. When you work with you get some of the most reputed authors writing website content for you. As far as the other two factors are concerned has enough goodwill and reputation in the market to make them happen.

Some things never change in SEO strategies and the importance of website content will still rule in 2013. Only 36% B2B marketers believe that they produce adequate content for their website and only 48% marketers feel that their content is engaging enough. The focus has to be on informative content. And this can only happen through solid research, understanding of the market and the audience and timely updates. This is where an expert is useful.

And you can surely not ignore mobiles because a quarter of all internet searches in 2012 were made using mobiles and 9 out of 10 searches resulted in some kind of action. And location-based searches also need to be considered.

These SEO strategies should help you continue to get great ranks with Google. Engage with to make them work for you.

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We are in 2013 and it is time to look at the top SEO strategies for the year and take your website to the next level. can work with you on this journey.

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