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(PhD.) Ion G. Tudorache (Eng. MBA) Mihai C. Tudorache (MA) Loredana I. Mihai
(President and Co-founder) (President and Co-founder) (Project Manager, SEO expert)
With a deep knowledge of many routing algorithms used in WSN, Google search engine algorithm comes easily to me to understand….read more. I am responsible for data analysis of the completed projects to identify the main factors which contribute to the Google ranking….read more. Loredana is our project manager. She supervises each step of your project and makes sure everything is kept on schedule….read more.

Gamit’s Recent SEO Results

Please check our recent SEO results achieved for our customers! (SEO done for USA) (SEO done for USA) (SEO done for Australia) (SEO done for Australia) (SEO done for UK) (SEO done for UK) (SEO done for Canada)

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