Should you use www in your URL or not?

The number of sites currently online is a lot higher than you can imagine and each of them is useful for users in its own way. Building a site and getting it among the top ranks in search engines is not an easy task, yet you have a few options at hand in order to help you with it. But one of the first dilemmas you have to deal with is very complicated.

Even if you have the content ready, even if you have the niche that will assure your success and even if you have taken all the necessary steps in order to succeed over the web, one of the most challenging problems you will have to deal with is whether you should use www in your URL or not. This is a very complicated issue for any site owner.

At first it may not seem like it is very important and you may think that is irrelevant since there are so many sites that rank just fine without this, but there are a number of issues you have to deal with. It can influence the experience the users will enjoy while browsing through your pages, it can have an impact on search engine optimization and so on.

Quantity and quality of the links from other sites

www in your URL

For instance, if you are running a site and users visit it due to the quality of the content, the links you will use for it are very important. The rank of a site is often attributed based on the quantity and quality of the links from other sites back to your own. This is what helps search engines determine the popularity of a site and the quality of the content.

If the links target the non www version as well as the www version, your rank will suffer. No matter which one you use most, your number of links will be cut down to half if they are so divided. Since one of the main goals is to build links over the web so you can be more popular, a lot of the work you have performed may have been done in vain.

Another issue you have to deal with is the speed with which the site will be loaded. If you want to get rid of cookies that are not necessary to be sent upstream and if you also want a browser to open more connections at the same time, the www option is the one you should turn to. If the name is too long and you want to shorten it, you can go without.

As you can see there are many things you have to think of and there are many opinions that you can use in order to make up your mind. If you want to join the topic and if you want to see what others have to say about it, you can take the time to visit the forum of Webmaster World. This is where you will find out a lot of details you are interested in.

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