SEO Ranks Recovery strategies after Google penalization

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    Google makes changes frequently to its core algorithm that it uses to rank sites. Its main purpose is to identify and eliminate from its results the sites which are not valuable from the content/information/services point of view. All these updates are welcomed by both webmasters and internet users because it makes Google a safe, clean and a relevant-keywords driven search engine.
      Google updates are really great from a user point of view who wants to get the most relevant results for its search terms/keywords. However, from a webmaster perspective, it is becoming more difficult to have and maintain a website which respects all Google rules. You, as a webmaster, need to know more and more information about site coding, how to check if your site has been hacked, what are the latest Google rules which you need to follow, etc. You need time to get informed and knowledge to implement the latest Google trends for your site.
        If you do not have sufficient time or you do not master the web design/implementation/coding skills then finding a web design/search engine optimization (SEO) agency to take care of your site is the perfect solution. An experienced agency needs to be up to date with what it takes to have a site which respects all the rules so it can have good ranks for its main keywords in Google. However, even major agencies are taken by surprise from time to time and they need to re-think their SEO strategies and undo some of the tactics they used for their clients.

          Based on our experience we have designed three SEO ranks recovery packages as follows:

          • Silver Recovery plan – designed to recover and further improve a site’s Google ranks for 2-4 main keywords.
          • Gold Recovery plan – designed to recover and further improve a site’s Google ranks for 6-8 main keywords.
          • Platinum Recovery plan – designed to recover and further improve a site’s Google ranks for 10-14 main keywords.
            Each package is designed for a 3 months subscription with monthly Paypal payments. Each month we will write original content for your site main pages and blog. Also, we will build one way theme back links to your site and main pages using your main keywords. Each month you will receive full reports with our work and with your site ranks improvements. At the end of the 3 months cycle we will analyse the obtain results and decide what will be the next best approach however we are confident that a 3 months period is enough to restore your site from a Google penalization problem.
              More details about Gamit SEO rank recovery package after a Google penalty are detailed bellow.

                Site recovery services after Google penalization (3 months subsciption)

                Silver Recovery
                Gold Recovery
                Platinum Recovery
                No. of keywords
                2-4 keywords
                6-8 keywords
                10-14 keywords
                Site content check
                Site black-listing/hack check
                Black-hat SEO check
                Original articles for you to publish on your site and blog (each month)
                1 article (1000 words)
                2 articles (1000 words each)
                4 articles (1000 words each)
                Original articles used to build back-links to your site (each month)
                3 articles (750 words each) + 2 reviews (150 words each)
                6 articles (750 words each) + 4 reviews (150 words each)
                12 articles (750 words each) + 4 reviews (150 words each)
                Total No. of different strategies used to build the back-links
                7 SEO & link building strategies
                9 SEO & link building strategies
                11 SEO & link building strategies
                Total No. of back-links built each month (not only submissions!)
                150 Quality Theme Links
                330 Quality Theme Links
                500 Quality Theme Links
                Complete reports with all our work
                Before & After Google Ranking report made for your keywords & website
                3 Months PayPal subscription (monthly payments, you can cancel any time)

                A website can be penalized by Google and be dropped from its searches by one of the following reasons:

                • 1. Site content issues such as duplicate/plagiarism/etc.: it is very important to have on your site quality content because the entire Google’s core algorithm is based on it. By quality content we mean original, informative and well-structured. Updating and adding new content to your site on a regular basis will bring you a big plus. However, poor content will get your site penalised by Google and its ranks dropped.
                • 2. Site code hacking:you need to check and monitor if your site has been hacked. Hackers use to hack a site and alter its code. Some hacks are visible, for example, you will notice clear problems with your site structure and design. However, some hacks are hidden and can be seen only by search engines (when they crawl the code) or experienced webmasters. A hacked site will be penalized by Google and dropped from its searches.
                • 3. Bad search engine optimization techniques known as black-hat SEO. A site needs to be optimized for search engines if you want it to receive traffic and have a decent ranking for its main keywords. However, it is very difficult to know which strategies to use if you do not want to get it banned by Google. Identifying the best strategies which will bring good results now but also in the future is a challenging task. For this, an experimented SEO agency with many years of experience in this filed is needed. Using bad SEO techniques will lead to Google penalization for your site.

                Gamit can remove your site’s Google penalty by following the next steps:

                • 1. Site content check: we will verify all your site content and identify the main problems which can lead to a penalization. We will then propose and implement the best solutions to re-index your search by Google and gain back your ranks.
                • 2. Site black-listing/hacking check: we will analyse and identify if your site has been black-listed by the search engines due to a hacking situation. We will then suggest and implement all the necessary actions to obtain a clean and re-indexed site.
                • 3. Black-hat SEO check: we will check and identify what type of search engine optimization techniques were done for your site by past SEO agencies and which can harm your ranks and cause the Google penalization. We will then propose and implement ranks-recovery strategies to regain your site’s ranks. We have over 12 years of experience in the SEO industry so you can be 100% assured that we know what we are doing!