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Our SEO Services UK approach

There are two main ingredients which grant the success of our professional services: original content and natural link building UK from high authority sites. Many experts point out the relevance of these techniques. “Search Engine Land” describes content, maps citations and local link building as crucial in ranking a site locally.

The steps that we follow in our SEO process are:

Customers Results

Before we started the work for betterbedcompany.co.uk in November 2018 we have conducted an initial investigation of the client’s website. The steps of this are: initial ranking report, duplicate content check, keyword competitivesness check and on-site optimization analysis. Based on the results obtained and the number of keywords the client wants to use we suggest the most appropiate proposal for his website.


Our client profici.co.uk activates in one of the most competitive online sectors – the web design and marketing business. Getting to the first page of Google UK for this particular niche would have been a difficult task. However, we were strongly confident about the efficiency of our methods so we have accepted the challenge and started the SEO project for profici.co.uk.


We have conducted a monthly campaign for our client birminghammoneyman.com. Based on the initial evaluation we have decided to begin work with a starter package. The keywords’ position in SERPs changed considerably during our 6 months collaboration and you can check out the report for more details on the results obtained.


We have started the SEO campaign for Coventrymoneyman.com 7 months ago. This website is part of a larger portfolio which the client owns and for which we have conducted multiple SEO campaigns in the last years. The site is included in a very competitive business niche. Nevertheless, our methods confirmed their efficiency and we managed to obtain top-ranking positions for our client.


The combination of tactics that we use is highly effective in all search engines meaning online searches for specific locations as well, in this particular case Google UK. All our methods are clean, hand-made, natural, and we use a mix of white-hat techniques that make the process 100% safe for your site.


We started working for freebets.uk.com in December 2018. During our collaboration, we have conducted regular link building campaigns for this website. A successful SEO process takes time because it must be done as natural as possible. Pauses must be scheduled between link building campaigns to keep the process safe and clean for the client.


For the past 5 months, monthly online marketing campaigns have been carried out for newcastlemoneyman.com to improve its online visibility. You can check the above report for more information regarding the results we managed to obtain. The client had chosen low to medium competitive keywords, but the business niche of the client’s website was extremely competitive and located in an area with plenty of competition.


We started working for reflectclinic.co.uk in March 2018, and during the last 12 months, we have conducted several link building campaigns for our customer. During this time, we had scheduled pauses between the campaigns, and this is because we need to avoid Google penalization, so regular pauses are required in ongoing link building campaigns.


Check more results (global & local rankings reports) obtained for our UK customers

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