The 3 most important features you need to consider when performing an SEO audit.


1. Introduction

Performing a website audit is an essential part of the SEO process and it is defined by, as an “examination of your page performance”, which will determine whether it is optimized to reach the traffic goals you have set. No matter how you look at it, it’s important to understand that every website has room for improvement. There are many different features that are uncovered when performing an SEO audit. First of all, it is important to take a look at the website’s performance in regards to how users navigate your pages and whether your website is set up for maximum usability.

It is not enough to have a website. You need to learn whether yours is easy to navigate and if the options available offer the visitor the chance to find whatever he was looking for. Website’s indexability is yet another feature that you should not overlook as it can truly affect your ranking. This is associated with aspects such as site structure and how easy it is for crawlers to access your pages. At the same time, the content on your website and its optimization for search engines, based on elements such as its quality, whether it matches user intent, if there are any duplicates, if it is built on the most relevant keywords and so on.

There are 3 main aspects that are analysed when performing an audit, each of them playing an important role in ensuring that your website will perform better in search engines.

2. What Are the Most Important On-Site Features?

Tags will help you define how your website is indexed and then presented to web users in search results lists. For example, when talking about title tags, you should know that performing an audit will help you find out whether this on-site feature is either helping your ranking or not. According to, it is a key element for search engine results pages because it offers essential information regarding the content that is published on the page and what sort of connection it may have with a specific search query.

Metadata is displayed on search engine results pages and it is a combination of metadescription and the title of the page. When using the right SEO audit tool, you will discover whether the snippet of your web page follows the rules. We are talking about matters such as whether it makes web users click on it, if it has the right length, if it describes the content of the page, if it is built around the goal of the page and so on.

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Sitemap – if you don’t know whether your website has a sitemap or not, the audit will reveal any issues with this matter. Without a sitemap, it would be more difficult for search engines to index your website. The same would happen if there are pages that are not connected to anything. Having a sitemap can certainly improve your website’s ranking.

Site loading speed will let you know whether users are leaving your website because it takes too long for its web pages to load. According to, “it’s clear that a fast loading site provides a better user experience than a slow loading site”.

3. How Will Content Influence Your Ranks?

Content indexability is an important feature analysed in an audit for SEO purposes and it will reveal whether all of your web pages are indexable or not. You will learn which of them have issues that prevent crawlers from indexing them.

Content originality is not necessarily associated with getting your website penalized as many have stated over and over again. Google does not take specific action against duplicate content, but only if it is not seen as an intention of manipulating search results. Nevertheless, if there is any duplicate content on your web pages, you should rewrite it to offer diversity to web users. After all, they don’t want to come across the same content wherever they look.

Keywords integration is yet another essential feature analysed by an audit tool for SEO and it will offer you important information regarding the way keywords are used in the content published on your website. You will learn whether relevant keywords are integrated in the content, if they flow naturally or if the content seems to have been written for search engines instead of humans.

4. How Can Inadequate Off-site Features Affect Your Ranks?

Broken links will affect your ranking if they are found on your website, which is why it is critical to perform an audit in regards to SEO before coming up with an SEO strategy. Of course, if the broken links are found on another website that links to yours, this matter will not affect your ranking.

Current ranks in search engines will reveal your websites position based on different keywords or combinations that are related to your URLs. This is an essential aspect because it shows you just how much more you have to work to get your site to the top of the first search engine pages.

Ensuring a top ranking for your website begins with an SEO audit, which focuses on the 3 main features detailed above. The on-site factors are essential for your website’s ranking because they make it more search engine friendly, which leads to more traffic. Off-site SEO is what will determine how the rest of the world perceives your websites, while content is the most important factor when it comes to SEO because it dictates how search engines view your site based on the way users interact with it.

Using an SEO audit tool might not be enough to learn what are your website’s weak points. More often than not, having to keep in check all of the features mentioned above can be too much for website owners, which is why it would be a good idea that you rely on a reliable SEO agency could perform this audit and provide recommendations for each of these features. Gamit is the SEO agency that not only performs an audit for the clients’ websites before starting an SEO campaign and provides recommendations for on most important features, but it also relies on all of this data to design the best SEO strategy.

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