The last Google Penguin 2.0 update – a significant impact in the SEO environment

SEO update There has been a lot of fuss about the last google penguin update these days and people have been expecting this update for quite a while. This update is supposed to be very important, as it is designed to impact webmasters significantly. SEO experts are holding their breath to see what impact this update will have on their websites. Moving on, we should not forget to mention that Google also seems to take interest in this update and that it focuses on the impact of this update on search results, search quality and searcher satisfaction. In other words, all eyes are on the latest penguin update. This update is live, it is supposed to stop spam and to affect search results to a great extent. We should emphasize the fact that the last google penguin update has already been launched, for English and non-English languages and its impact will be seen mostly by languages with more webspam. The penguin update has come a long way and although the second and third releases had only some minor, insignificant improvements, the last penguin update brings a major change, one that will not remain unnoticed. Matt Cutts mentioned this new update that is designed to fight spam in March and he called it a very significant and major improvement. Here you will find out more about this update and why it was named Penguin 4. According to Cutts, this is a significant penguin update, one that will be the focus of attention in 2013. It looks like several websites have been affected by this update and among them there are some important brands like, the Salvation Army, CheapOair and Educational Testing Service. At you will learn that the most affected websites belong to the porn and the gaming industry. An initial list of Penguin 2.0 losers mentions that from 25 websites, eight were porn sites and 4 were game related and this is definitely not a coincidence. Next, we shouldn’t forget to mention that there is an accurate and relevant loser analysis of penguin update 2.0. The information for this analysis is accurate and up to date, so there is not much room for mistakes in this analysis. We should underline the fact that this update is not limited only to English-speaking countries and it is designed to have a global impact, as Matt Cutts stated in his blog. A deeper, more significant influence was announced by Cutts and a thorough analysis  enables us to see whose SEO visibility was really affected by the last google penguin update. This is one of the first analysis performed after the launch of the latest penguin update, but its results still remain to be seen. One thing is certain: SEO experts are fully aware of the existence of this update and they do everything they can to ensure it will not affect their website. The good news is that this update is no secret and those who are interested in learning more about it can easily access relevant information that is available on reputed websites. Therefore, if you still have questions about this update and you would like to learn more about how it works, you will be pleased to discover that several reputed websites strive to put at your disposal relevant information. You can read the latest penguin update analysis and see how relevant it is for your website and you can learn more about how google penguin update works. This update will bring new SEO changes that will definitely not remain unnoticed by SEO experts. Moving on, those who have been anxiously expecting this update no longer need to wait, as Matt Cuts promise was released. This update was described by Cutts as a big one, but what people don’t know yet is to what extent it impacted webmasters. This update is larger than the previous ones, although it looks like it might be larger only as far as non-English languages are concerned. It is hard to talk about results and statistics after such a short period of time, although some websites, have already conducted a thorough analysis and have reached a conclusion. According to Schwartz,  ”What Matt meant by “deeper” is that Google is going deeper into their index, link graph and more sites will be impacted by this than the previous Penguin 1.0 update. By deeper, Matt does not mean how it impacts a specific web site architecture but rather how it impacts the web in general”. This update will not affect only the home page of a website, like the previous ones. It will impact the index, the link graph and the web. There is always room for improvement, even when it comes to google updates. The last google penguin update is supposed to remain in Google’s history and to occupy an important place in it. This update is based on an improved algorithm, one that is no longer limited to English. This means that websites that are created in another language will also be affected by this update. Many people are still wondering what they should expect from this update and how it will impact them. This update has received lots of media attention and it comes as no surprise that it is the most debated topic these days. All in all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know more about the penguin update, whose purpose is to eliminate websites that use diversified manipulative techniques that are meant to improve search visibility. In fewer words, websites that haven’t earned this visibility the right way and that are encouraging bad competition should worry about this update, as it will probably impact them more than they imagined. It is still too early to offer more details on how this update affects websites and on how it works. Nonetheless, you should expect to know more about the last last google penguin update results and statistics in a few weeks, when experts in this field will be able to tell you exactly how it works.