The Many Advantages of Tracking Your Ranks


1. Introduction

Keywords are the pillars of your online presence and are defined as “the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines”, according to These phrases are also known as search queries and make the connection between the topics that web users search for and the content that your website provides. Keyword ranking is the position on search results pages of a specific phrase you are using in the content published on your website. If you are wondering why this position is so important for webmasters, the answer is quite simple – because it tells them how their content is doing in matters of SEO. Before having access to rank checkers, professionals used to have to complete certain tasks manually, which would take ages.

A Google rank checker tool can change the entire experience of a website owner and even of an SEO agency because it makes the entire process faster, more efficient and more insightful. These keywords are the starting point of an SEO campaign, while their ranking helps webmasters evaluate the success of said search engine optimization campaign. Side-note: keywords have to be chosen based on how relevant they are for the products and services of a business. For SEO purposes, there are other factors that matter such as search volumes and competition.

2. What Information You Get from a Rank Checker?

Not tracking a website’s ranks is like trying to win a race blindfolded. The ranking of a website will determine how successful it is in matters of traffic and conversions, but that is not all. Here is a list with the 5 major advantages for tracking a website’s ranks:

1. It acts as an evaluation tool for the efficiency of the campaign. According to, measuring SEO is essential for determining just how successful your current campaign is by showing what matters most – “how organic search brings revenue and profit to the business”. Investing in SEO, regardless if you are doing it yourself with the help of rank tracking tools or relying on an SEO agency for help, will allow you to make the most out of your online presence. It is not enough to have a website. You have to take all necessary measures to ensure it is found by your target audience. If the SEO strategy is working, your website will most likely begin welcoming more traffic and benefit from a higher conversion rate.

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2. It tells whether or not a campaign uses the right keywords based on how these behave in connection to the website. As mentioned earlier, the keywords must be chosen based on how relevant they are to your brand. At the same time, they must match user intent and have a few other characteristics. A ranking tool will provide a handful of information regarding not only the keywords chosen for a website, their search volume, ranking and so on, but will also make suggestions for new keywords. According to, “if you can measure something, you can improve it”. These metrics will help you make better choices for your SEO efforts.

3. It acts as an indicator for website visibility in search engines. All the data you will gain access to when monitoring the search engine ranking of your keywords will help you understand exactly which of them are helping your website benefit from the level of awareness it requires to benefit from more visitors. If a site is ranked high, people will click on the link that redirects them to the content published on said web page. If it is not at the top of the first SERP, the chances of visiting a web page decreases, thus leading to less traffic, a lower conversion rate, less sales.

4. It helps protect the brand’s image. If the ranking of a website is high, this automatically means that it has authority due to the quality backlinks that lead back to it and it benefits from increased credibility. How? A website only reaches the top when it matches a list of requirements. It is a known fact that Google uses hundreds of ranking factors to determine the position of a site on a search engine results page. If it is at the top of the first SERP, the brand automatically has a great reputation, which leads to increased profits. A lower rank will affect the brand’s image. Fortunately, with the help of SEO, the ranks can be improved.

5. It provides useful information about competitors. Using the right Google rank checker offers webmasters access to essential details regarding the keywords which are implemented in the SEO strategy of their competitors. This does not only help you understand how others have managed to succeed reaching the top of search engine results, but will also offer you the opportunity to integrate new keywords and ideas into your own SEO approach. The detailed data provided by the rank checker helps you make the best adjustments to your SEO strategy.

3. Why do You Need to Use a Rank Checker or Let an SEO Agency Help You?

It is only natural that after understanding how web users search for information, research products or go through the buying cycle, a website owner pays close attention to keyword rankings. Treating the search engine ranking as an active concern will only benefit you in the long run. As one of the most important processes associated with the success of a business, search engine optimization is what will take your website to the top, increase traffic and help you reach your business goals – especially if the best practices are employed.

Gamit does not only contribute to guiding you through every stage, but will ensure the best SEO practices are used to deliver the best outcome for your website. Our company offers extensive tracking services as part of the SEO packages we provide to ensure our clients make a minimal investment for maximum results. Thus, it is recommended to benefit from the assistance of a reliable SEO agency just like ours in this difficult process of ranking a website on the first search engine results pages. We believe that it is a challenging journey, but it is certainly worth it!

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