Three Steps That Your SEO Reseller Partner Must Do

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1. The First Thing That an SEO Reseller Must Be Able to Do Is a Thorough Assessment!

One of the best methods that you can use to expand your online marketing agency is to find an SEO agency and become an SEO reseller. But to do this, you need to find a partner that provides an SEO reseller program that meets three critical requirements. If your partner is not able to do this, then it would be better to look for another one. And the first requirement that you need to look for is the ability of the SEO agency to make a thorough assessment of your clients’ businesses and SEO state. There are four steps that the agency needs to go through.

Business Assessment and Keyword Research!

The first two steps that the SEO agency needs to do is to make a thorough business assessment and keywords research. Each of these steps needs to accomplish several goals. And you, as the SEO reseller, need to make sure that the agency can do so.

• Business assessment. This step can be separated into two parts. The first one is to understand your client’s business. Even the companies that are in the same industry are different from each other. And the SEO agency must find out these differences. It must find the advantages and factors that make the companies of your clients unique. And the parts that can be used to gain an advantage against the competitors. While the second part is to research the competitors as well. Doing the research will help the SEO reseller decide with whom can its clients compete with in the SEO field. And it will also help the agency find the methods that the bigger companies use to gain advantages in the market.

• Keywords research. The second step of the assessment is to do keywords research. Firstly, the agency should find out the keywords used by the competitors and you, the SEP reseller, need to make sure that your clients can only choose from the ones that have a competition on the same level. In SEO, it is difficult to fight against established websites. So, to reach a similar level, you need to do it step by step. It is a long-term method that will provide low results in the beginning. But it has an exponential result growth rate in the long term.

Website SEO Evaluation and Strategy Proposal!

The other two steps of a thorough assessment are the website SEO evaluation and the strategy proposal. These are the beginning of the SEO journey of your clients. Each of these steps will go deep into the SEO field and requires that the SEO agency can provide high-quality services in their SEO reseller program.

• Website SEO evaluation. The biggest goal of this step is to find out all the SEO mistakes and errors of your clients’ websites. SEO can be separated into 3 parts. The technical SEO, where all the links, loading speed, and device compatibility are checked and evaluated. The On-site SEO, where all the content used on the website, is checked for originality, relevancy, and engagement. And lastly, the off-page SEO, where the backlinks and the authority of the website in the industry are checked. As a SEO reseller, you need to make sure that your partner is able to make a complete evaluation.

• SEO strategy proposal. The last step of the assessment will use all the information gained from the other steps to create a custom strategy proposal for your clients. It will propose the keywords that the SEO efforts should focus on, provide solutions for all the mistakes and errors found in the third step, and long-term strategy proposal. That includes elements from the second step of the assessment. You will be able to present the plan to your clients and be the middle man in the discussion about any changes that the clients want to be made to the plan.

2. The Agency Must Provide Optimized Content and Implement the SEO Strategy to the SEO Reseller!