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No matter what people say link building is still one of the most important elements in the SEO world. When you have inbound links coming to your website from other well known websites you indeed benefit in terms of better page rank in the top search engines. Hence, when you look for an SEO service it is important to look for someone that can get your link building strategy right. And if you want nothing but the best in this regard then I have to recommend the name of There are these authority websites that everyone knows about. These are websites that get boosted by extra rankings from Google and other top search engines. If your website can become an authority website then there is nothing more that you need to do because if people search using your keywords your website will show in the top search results. But becoming an authority website takes years, even decades. So, the next best alternative is to have backlinks coming to your website from the authority websites. The more backlinks you get from authority websites the more link juice your website will be able to generate and this is going to boost the search engine rank of your website. You can further enhance the quality of backlinks by creating backlinks to the external backlinks. For example, if a website has an inbound link coming to your website you may link internal links to that backlink. So, from the inbound link to your website homepage you can have links to the other web pages or your blogs and so on. This will not only enhance the visibility of your website but will also add to its SERP value. Continuing with backlinks I must mention that variety is something important to be considered. Yes, you need inbound links coming in from related and relevant websites; yes you need inbound links coming in from reputed websites but some variety will not harm your cause at all. And when you have an SEO service partner like establishing these inbound links should be no issue at all. One of the most important SEO trends that any SEO service focuses on is the follow attribute in links. Typically you have nofollow and dofollow links that tell the search engine crawler to either not follow the destination in a link (nofollow) or follow the destination in a link (dofollow). Most well designed websites have a natural mix of nofollow and dofollow links and experts like can help in getting the right proportion for your website. But all this is going to take some effort and perhaps your SEO service partner will start off by creating outbound links from your website. As you link to well established websites in your domain they will start reciprocating in a while and this is where you get started. And ensure that consistency is maintained in the creation of links. And you can rest assured that can manage all your link strategies for SEO. Resource Box: Use the SEO service of to get your SEO strategy right using links.