Videos with descriptions for search engine optimization

Videos today are a big part of a site’s content. This happens because they can express more things in one minute than the entire site would be able to in dozens of pages. Even though they are good for the users, are they good for the site as well? Do they contribute in any way to the popularity of the site? Or are the strictly used for the delight of users?

Even though they are very helpful and they are meant to help users, you have to keep a few things in mind. When it comes to search engine optimization, the content you post has to be original, it has to be helpful for the user, it has to come from a reliable source, the author has to be popular and so on and videos are no exception from these rules.

If you use YouTube in order to post the video and then you embed it on one of your pages, search engines will not be able to view that video as content they can use in order to improve the rank of the site. This happens because they have already ranked it on YouTube and posting it again on your site would only make it duplicate content.

Videos to boost your rank

Small sites can win the competition

If you want to use videos in order to boost your rank, you have to use other sources in order to host the videos since you are not using their own property in order to compete against them. But even so, there are many other things you have to take into account and you have to be sure you use every tool you can find so you can have a shot at success.

One of the things you will see on sites that are using videos for SEO is a high number of comments. Users that visit the site have the freedom to post their own opinion about what they have watched and thus the site will have text on the page of the video. However, there are many issues that may result from this and you should do things easier.

If you do not want to overcomplicate things when it comes to using videos for SEO, you can add a description on every page. Every video you will embed on your pages will have its own textual content that points out what you will see in the video and your site can rank better with search engines. It will eliminate the problem with little effort.

Since videos are very popular tools used on sites for the users, you will surely find other users who had to face a few issues such as your own as well. If you want to find answers on this matter and if you want to get an idea about how SEO works, you can engage in a discussion on this matter and look for answers from experts in the field. If you want to find the topic on a very popular forum, you should visit Webmaster World and you will find the answers you seek.

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