What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of White Label SEO?


1. Introduction

The truth about the term “white label” is that it has gained much popularity in recent years, especially in the SEO industry where there are many agencies looking to provide SEO services, but lack the time and resources. White label is, according to Helloacm.com, “a legitimate protocol that allows products to be rebranded under another company’s name other than the one that made them”. This can be applied to white label SEO, which is the option of outsourcing your SEO projects to another company that will deliver reports and documentation label free.

Being able to add your agency’s branding elements to these reports is what will allow you to promote the SEO services as being provided by your team. It is interesting to see just how far this concept has gone from offering large companies the option to rebrand a product that was created and manufactured by someone else. Nowadays, this is a common approach for digital agencies that provide online services, except SEO, but want to benefit from the advantages that this complementary service comes with. The challenge in this whole equation is finding the partner that you can rely on when it comes to outsourcing your SEO projects.

2. 7 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of Using White Label SEO

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages you could experience if you were to rely on the services of an SEO reseller that offers white label SEO services:


– The option to reach more clients, while not adding any new talent to your team. Just try to imagine being able to expand your target audience without having to spend more money. You can use your budget for something else, while offering a complete package of digital services, including SEO, to your clients.

– Growing your business without changing the way you provide your own services. It goes without saying that expanding your organization is one of the goals of any entrepreneur. However, in this day and age it can be incredibly challenging to achieve, due to the ever changing economy, increased level of expenses and so on. By opting for white label search engine optimization services, this problem is eliminated.

– Increased revenue, which comes as a result of the first advantage mentioned above. Obviously, if you reach more clients and cater to their needs, there will be more of them opting for your services, which leads to bringing in a lot more revenue than before.

– Win-win approach for both digital agencies and SEO resellers, which translates into a wide range of advantages that apply to both of these providers. This means that your digital agency benefits from increased revenue, business growth and so on, but so will the SEO reseller company that you work with.

– Less money spent for providing additional services to your clients, even if that means relying on another team of experts for SEO purposes. Depending on the company that you collaborate with, they might offer you a discount for the services they provide. Either way, not having to hire someone full time for this purpose will definitely help you make cost effective choices.

– Added expertise – when SEO is not something you specialize in, you require the help of an expert. The good news is that the professionals you rely on for outsourcing the SEO projects of your clients know exactly how to create and implement a successful SEO strategy for you.

– Specialized technology, which costs a lot. The right SEO partner will rely on specialized tools, but more than that, according to Searchenginejournal.com, “a reputable partner agency will already know how to optimally use the tools, saving your agency further time and money.”

– It allows you to focus on providing your own services, which simply means that you will continue with your regular activity, without worrying that your current workflow will be affected by the new services you have added to the list.

main advantages when outsourcing


– If the SEO reseller misses a deadline, you will have to explain what happened, which will lead to an unwanted situation: the client will be unhappy with the delay; you will have to offer a discount for your services or simply expect your reputation to be affected by the missed deadline.

– Adding SEO services to the mix to charge your client more can affect your credibility, if it ever gets out. According to Helloacm.com, ” a large division might happen in customer relationships if the product is discovered to be at much lower price than that one presented”.

– Quality control. Seeing as you leave these SEO projects in the hands of another team, the quality of the results provided is out of your hands. All you can do is ensure that you pick a reliable SEO partner, but until you see actual results, it is hard reach a conclusion on whether you have made a smart move or a mistake.

It is pretty obvious that although there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with white label SEO, there are many more advantages rather than disadvantages.

3. Why Should You Work with Gamit?

Investing in SEO services offered by another company is one of the best decisions you could make for your agency, but only if you pick the best partner. This means that an extensive research process should be your top priority before announcing to your clients that you can also help them with their search engine optimization needs. Relying on our company will allow you to outsource your SEO projects, while benefiting from white label SEO services of the highest quality. Our reports are delivered without any branding elements for this exact purpose.

Gamit is a professional SEO agency able to provide high-quality results through certified and productive methods. There are many qualities that characterize Gamit as a reliable SEO partner, such as integrated methodology that we have used and continue using time and time again due to the fact that it has proven to be a successful approach; we offer you the option to work with a skilled team; in every situation, we provide guaranteed results for our clients due to implementing the best SEO strategy in each case.

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