What Are the Top 4 Outsource SEO Services That Your Company Needs?

seo audit

1. The First Type of SEO Outsourcing That You Need to Do Is the Audit!

There are 2 methods of SEO outsourcing. The first one is to outsource only a part of your website’s SEO. And the second one is to find a reliable agency and use all the important outsource SEO services. Obviously, the second method is a much better alternative than the first one. But you are the one that must decide. And you should make this decision based on the needs of your company. There are 4 types of SEO services that any website needs. So, you need to make sure that the agency that you will collaborate with can provide you with all of them. The first one is an SEO audit.

A full audit is a service that has multiple goals and is an essential part of any long-term SEO collaboration. It has 3 main goals. And you need to make sure that the audit of your SEO partner can accomplish all of them. Otherwise, it will affect the future results that you will get from the rest of the SEO services.

• Check your website’s SEO. The main goal of the audit is to check your website’s SEO. Three main parts must be checked. The first one is the technical part of your website. It needs to find all the link errors, the loading speed of your website, and the compatibility that it has with mobile devices. The second part is the On-site SEO. For this part, the agency must check all the content used on your website. This includes the quality, relevance, and engagement level of the content. And the last part is the off-site SEO, where the authority level of the website and the influence that it has in the industry will be measured. And you need to make sure that the outsource SEO audit takes care of all of these factors.

• Research your company and competitors. The second part of the audit is the research of your company and that of your competitors. Here are also several segments that are mandatory and must be mentioned. Every business is different, and it has its own particularities. So, an agency must be able to find those. And understand as much as possible the inside and the outside of your business. Another segment that must be included in the audit is the research of the competitors. The audit must find out the differences between your company and your competitors. And also find the keywords that they use.

• Create a custom plan for future collaboration. The last part of the audit is made from a custom plan for your business. Firstly, it needs to have solutions for all the problems detected by the audit. Secondly, it must provide the keywords that will produce the best results for your company. And lastly, it must provide a plan for the future of your company. As you can see, the SEO audit is an essential part of a long-term collaboration between your company and the SEO agency.

2. Should You Outsource SEO Services for the Technical Part of Your Website?