What Can the SEO Audit Service Tell You About an Agency?

seo website audit

1. Through an SEO Audit, You Can Find Out the Reliability of an Agency

Finding an SEO agency is a critical task for your website. The future results of your business depend on the choice that you are going to make. For this reason, you need to ensure that the agency is reliable, it has high skill-level staff and its services are compatible with your website. But checking all these requirements is not easy, especially when you have almost no idea about SEO. Luckily, there is a method that anyone can use to determine if an agency is the best pick. All you need to do is to test its SEO audit service and use the information below.

The first task is to determine if the agency is reliable. In every industry, there are two types of companies. In the first category, you will find companies that focus on profit. Most of these companies will care less about their clients than about the amount of money that they can make. In the second category, you will find the opposite companies. They focus on taking care of their clients’ needs. Some of them even do so while sacrificing some of their rewards. Of course, this world is not black and white, so you will also find companies that are in the middle. They care about their clients, but they are not willing to sacrifice themselves for the clients. Besides the first category, the other two can be considered reliable, and you should focus on finding an SEO agency that will not put their profits above your needs.

And an SEO audit is the perfect method to determine the reliability of an agency. There are two factors that you will need to focus on while using this type of service. Based on the results, it will be easy to understand if you can trust or not an agency. Of course, this service is not free, and you will have to pay for it. So, you must only use it as the last measure to ensure that you made the best pick. So, instead of using this service from the first agency that you find, it is better to research more agencies and only confirm your decision using this test.

The Amount of Work Done!

The first factor that you need to pay attention to is the amount of work invested by the agency in the audit. A thorough SEO campaign must include several elements. The audit must also consider this and check all the segments relevant to the SEO needs of your website. The parts of SEO that the audit must have are:

• Technical evaluation. This part of the audit will check the technical elements of your website that are relevant to SEO. They are link quality, loading speed, device compatibility. The audit must include information about all these parts.

• Content review. This part includes the pieces of content found on your website. The SEO website audit must check three requirements for each piece, the originality, relevancy, and engagement. Why? Well, the content will be penalized by search engines if they find any duplicate. The irrelevant pieces will damage your business brand. And low engagement means low conversion rate from visitors to leads or customers.

• Industry presence. The agency will also check your website presence on the internet. The more people know about your website, the better. Most of the time, this is calculated based on the number of backlinks that your website has and the number of different sites where the SEO experts will find them. Of course, the links must be on websites that are relevant to your industry.

• Industry authority. This segment is the answer to the question: How important is your website in the industry? Two factors are taken into consideration to determine it. One, the more websites link to yours and use your content articles as trusted references. And two, the higher the authority of the websites where you have backlinks.

• Business assessment. Keep in mind that every business is different. So, an SEO campaign must be personalized based on the unique parts of every website. And the audit is the method that can determine the uniqueness of your website. And in this segment, the research about your competitors should also be done.

The Quality of the Reports!