What features should be considered when designing a custom SEO plan?


1. Introduction

The reality in today’s business environment is that most businesses know that they need professional search engine optimization services but they do not know much about how they work, how long it takes to see results, what they should ask for from their SEO provider and so on. If you are in the market for a company that can help you with your SEO it is best to educate yourselves on the matter so that you know what you spend your money on and what you should obtain. SEO does work and it does generate results but for this to happen you need a custom approach.

Each website is different and it is this uniqueness that should help it differentiate itself from its competitors and connect to its target audience. A website that fails to do that will not rank high in search engines nor will it have a powerful presence in the online environment. It should be clear to all website owners that a customized SEO package is a necessity in order to build authority in the online environment. According to Mozz “The purpose of a strategy is to identify goals and build a plan of attack towards achieving those goals.“

It is possible to create a tailored approach for a customer provided you are aligned with and aware of its existing business goals. Your clients need a strategy that fits and supports their current business objectives. As a result, creating a personalized SEO approach is possible only after you become familiar with the company’s vision, its core values, its pain points and its expectations. Rankings are influenced by numerous aspects and it is impossible to have the same SEO strategy for all of your customers. To stay on top of your competitors, you need Custom Link Building Services that are adapted to your specific requirements. A (personalized SEO plan cannot be accomplished without comprehensive research, deep knowledge of your business, your website, your needs and expectations and the competitive landscape.

2. What Features Are Vital When It Comes to Creating a Personalized SEO Plan?

To develop a suitable strategy for your customer you have to consider the following aspects:

• Define the target market and its needs

• Categorize keyword research

• Discover gaps and opportunities

• Determine the competition

• Build original, relevant, engaging content

• Set clear, realistic and achievable objectives

It is important to have an accurate idea of the business you work for and its target audience. Why do people visit the website you optimize? What are their wants, needs, interests? Does the website cater to their specific requirements, does it deliver an enjoyable user experience, one that they will want to repeat? If you do not understand your visitors it is impossible to offer them what they need. This makes sense, does not it?

Moving on, it is important to focus on keyword research. You need to have a clear idea of the words people enter in search engines. According to Hubspot.com, the insight you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, as well as your larger marketing strategy. Keyword research enables you to rank high in search engines and to create a successful customized SEO plan, one that will generate the desired outcome.

When it comes to discovering gaps, you have to see what keywords do not perform well and you should focus on identifying new keywords. The competition should never be ignored, not if you want to be one step ahead. You need to establish what differentiates you from your competitors, what makes you unique and why should your visitors choose you over your competitors. We all know how important content is for a website and that it affects the ranking of your website in search engines to a great extent. Old, duplicated, boring content will not be rewarded by Google. On the contrary, if your website continues to drop in rankings this is probably because of the content you provide on your website. You need new, relevant and engaging content and you should add new content on your website on a regular basis.

It is important to build links to your website, but make sure they are high-quality links. Search engines rely on links to discover new pages. Search engines rank the content of a page but also the links pointing to that page from external websites and their quality. This is why custom link building should be an essential part of your SEO strategy and its importance should not be overlooked. You need to focus on links because they are a ranking factor that matters and that will make a difference as far as the success of your SEO campaign is concerned.

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How to Set the Right Goals for a personalized SEO Plan?

Last but not least you have to set specific goals, measurable ones, achievable and realistic. It is recommended to set deadlines for each part of your plan and to stick to them. According to Search Engine Journal in order to set SEO goals and develop a plan to get there you should consider the following:

• Measuring targets: Where do we need to be?

• Establishing SEO benchmarks: Where are we now?

• Developing an action plan: How are we going to get there?

As you can see there are numerous aspects that you should keep in mind when creating a personalized SEO plan and custom link building should be an essential part of this plan.


A successful, tailor made SEO plan needs to focus on essential issues such as understanding the business and its objective, defining the target market, identifying the most suitable keywords, discovering gaps and pain points that needs to be addressed, establishing and analyzing the competition, creating engaging content and setting realistic objectives that can be measured. Gamit has what it takes to top your expectations and to put at your disposal a personalized plan that will top your expectations and that will include Custom Link Building Services among others.

The company performs a complete SEO audit for each new customer and it assesses the current condition of its website before it comes up with an appropriate SEO strategy. It is impossible to create a customized plan for a customer when you do not know much about its business, its customers and its expectations. At Gamit we take the time to know our customers so that we can offer them a SEO plan that is created according to their specific needs and that cannot possibly go wrong. We make it our priority to listen first because this enables us to figure out exactly what our customers want from us.

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