What is the Google Penguin update and how to manage it well?

Google, for obvious reasons, keeps its search algorithm logic secret and also makes changes in the algorithm at regular intervals. When the Google Penguin update was released on April 24, 2012 it was one of the landmark updates in the history of the largest search engine in the world. Since then the SEO domain has experienced further updates of the Penguin update and to be honest it’s not possible for everyone to keep track of these changes.

The Google Penguin update is just an update of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. As everyone knows a website is ranked high by Google when it offers relevant, fresh and quality content and also when it has reputed and relevant websites linking to it. SEO is the best way to manage content and generate links in a natural manner. Unfortunately many webmasters and SEO professionals, in trying to beat the usual long time trap of SEO, adopt means that are not deemed right by Google.

The Penguin update is a way Google penalizes such websites. The penalty for not adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines is swift and severe. Google simply downgrades the page rank of erring websites. The result of this is lower placement of such websites in Google SERPs and a significant lowering of traffic. Any website, If it wants to check whether it has been hit by the Google Penguin update, just needs to run Google Analytics and the results will be there to see.

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Google Penguin update and

The problem with such a situation is that it’s mostly irrevocable. Once hit a website may never be able to regain the PageRank and traffic it enjoyed. Managing the Google Penguin update is simple – one simply has to adhere to ethical SEO means. There are simple ways to do this. For starters one needs to manage their website keywords and not use them anywhere and everywhere.

This means that content, wherever it is posted, should not just be packed with keywords. This means keywords shouldn’t be exactly matching anchor texts in links. As far as the content is concerned it should be updated so that it offers value to website visitors. The content should be marketed using ethical means – through blogs and articles and various other modes like social media and video and slide sites. Links are important but they should be generated naturally.

This can only happen when the content and its marketing is done well. A website can also generate links through help guides and sharing of useful information. Fixing broken links and updating outdated content can also generate links. There is really no need to try out underhand tactics although one needs to be patient.

The secret of managing the Google Penguin update is in being patient and doing things the Google way. SEO professionals like Gamit have always been staunch advocates of Google guidelines and letting them manage website SEO is always a safe option. Gamit has a great 6-year plus track record in the SEO domain and it always provides value through proactive SEO. Try our SEO services: One Time Link Building; Monthly SEO contracts; Panda and Penguin ranks recovery; Keywords Rank Maintenance. Contact us for any SEO questions!

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