What SEO experts say about SEO 2013

slide06Like every other year the SEO trends in 2013 have also changed. Those companies that do serious SEO for their websites have already implemented some or all of the latest SEO trends and they are already reaping benefits. If you haven’t yet considered SEO or updated your SEO strategy till now it is time for you to get going. Get to know what SEO experts say about SEO in 2013 and then hire experts like link-building-strategies.com to implement these changing trends. It is but natural that when talking about SEO trends for 2013 almost all SEO experts focus primarily on Google. When Google started off its Panda algorithm in 2011 many low quality websites were affected. The trend continues even now and this year Google has already out with its 25th update of the Panda algorithm and it is important that webmasters and SEO providers take notice of it. Another Google algorithm that affected a large number of websites was the Penguin algorithm that Google launched in April 2012. Further updates have happened since and it is imperative for any website to adopt SEO strategies that are seen as “Penguin friendly”. Websites that didn’t pay heed to this saw their rankings plummet without warning and some of them have been completely booted out of the online search space. Anchor text is one of the most important elements of SEO but it is now under close scrutiny. Websites that overuse anchor texts in links have been devalued as far as their Google page rank is considered. Websites using paid links were also not spared. Hence, the time now is for quality backlinks from quality websites and the more of these you have in your website the better you are going to get ranked by Google. But to achieve this you need someone like link-building-strategies.com to set this up for you. Black hat SEO has received the most severe backlash from Google and other top search engines. Top SEO experts like link-building-strategies.com have always stayed away from black hat SEO and those websites that adopted these underhand tactics have been obliterated. There are still SEO providers that employ black hat SEO but they are increasingly dwindling in number. When Google can identify between quality content and content written for search engines then identifying black hat SEO techniques is nothing for this search giant. Guest blogging has emerged as one of the top SEO trends for 2013. It is a time consuming affair and can be expensive too. But Google Penguin has more or less ensured that SEO experts using white hat SEO recommend and use guest blogging. Guest blogging is the simple technique of submitting content to blogs and sharing your website so that the number of backlinks to your website can be increased. Guest blogging is now one of the darlings of the SEO industry. These are some trends of 2013 that SEO experts are talking about. And companies like link-building-strategies.com have adapted to these changes to give a boost to their SEO expertise. Resource Box: The top SEO experts have already spoken about the 2013 SEO trends. It is SEO providers like link-building-strategies.com that you can depend on to latch on to these trends on time.