What Should You Know About the Google’s Page Experience Update and How Can You Prepare

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In the last years, all the big updates made by Google follow the trend of increasing the importance of the user experience. And that includes the announced page experience update. The biggest concern that online business owners that use SEO as a marketing method have is how will their site be affected? Well, the answer is it depends. If you have an online business and your SEO efforts paid enough attention to the user experience that your website provides, then you will not be affected negatively. Your website may even see significant improvements. But the same principle applies if your SEO efforts didn’t take the user experiencing the consideration.

1. How Will the Search Results Be Affected by the Google Page Experience Update?

Below you can find some useful information about the possible effects that the update could have on your website.

• Mobile. As seen in the past years, more and more people choose to use their mobile devices on Google. More than half of the searches made are from smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result of this increase, Google updated its algorithm accordingly. Giving more and more important to the page experience of the mobile users. And with this update, the trend will continue. And if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then your ranks will be penalized accordingly.

• Desktop. The user experience is already an extremely important part of SEO. And if any factors do not meet the requirements, then your website will be dragged down in the search results. The loading speed of the website is the biggest factor. And with the announced update, its importance will rise even more. Also, there will be new factors introduced, and the already implemented ones will be refined.

• Schedule. The update will be implemented between June and August 2021. So, you still have time to optimize your website or collaborate with a reliable SEO agency that can help you do it. Also, keep in mind that Google makes hundreds of updates every year. But most of them are small and have very limited effects on the ranks. So, after the big update, there will be many others that will optimize the changes based on the results brought by the update.

2. Is the Google Page Experience Update More Important Than Other Ranking Signals?

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