What Types of White Label SEO Services Should Your Agency Introduce

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1. Why Is an Audit the Mandatory First White Label SEO Service?

Why Is an Audit the Mandatory First White Label SEO Service?

The best method to expand an online marketing agency is to introduce white label SEO services. There are indeed some risks associated with this method. But the alternatives have their own risks as well. And if you take the process of finding a reliable agency seriously, then you can easily avoid all the potential risks. The first thing that you need to ensure while you search for a partner is the type of services that you will be able to provide to your potential clients. Firstly, you need to ensure that the SEO agency provides a high-quality audit. It must verify all the parts of SEO and provide you with easy to understand white label SEO reports.

What SEO Parts Must the Audit Contain?

You should know that SEO can be separated into 3 parts. And there are many types of audits. Most of them will only verify one SEO part and ignore the rest. This method can be useful when your clients only want to improve a specific segment of your SEO strategy. But if you want to provide full SEO service, then you need a full SEO audit that will cover everything about your client’s website. And each SEO part has several elements that must be verified by the audit.

• Technical SEO. A high-quality audit must be able to cover the 3 essential elements of technical SEO. The first one is compatibility with mobile devices. Nowadays, more than 50% of the searches made on Google are from mobile services. So, the importance of mobile compatibility has risen a lot. So, the audit must ensure that your website follows this trend. The second element is the functionality of the links on your website. The agency will verify all the links in their audit, and they will find the ones that do not work properly. And lastly, the loading speed of your website. Your visitors will not agree to wait more than 5 seconds every time they visit your website pages. So, the white label SEO audit will find out the loading speed. And you will know if it must be improved or not.

• On-site SEO. The audit will take verify all the content elements on your website. This includes texts, photos, forms, and videos. The results that you will get from the visitors of your website will mostly depend on the quality of the content that you use. So, the audit will verify the engagement, relevancy, and originality of that content. Why? Because these all the 3 main factors that are taken into consideration by search engines. The position of some content pieces may also matter, but that does not count in the search engine algorithms. So, SEO agencies do not include it in the white label SEO reports of the audit.

• Off-site SEO. This type of audit will focus on the backlinks that your website has. The main elements will be the provenience of the links and the quality of the content associated with them. Both elements are essential, and if the quality of one of them is too low, then the results it produces may even be negative. For example, if you spam your website’s links on Facebook or YouTube, then you may get punished by search engines for spamming. But this can also be avoided if all the links have high-quality content associated with it.

What Should the White Label SEO Reports of the Audit Contain?

Now that you know what SEO elements should the audit verify, it’s time to find out what the white label SEO reports should contain. Firstly, are the results obtained from the 3 SEO arts mentioned above. And secondly, there are 3 other elements that the reports must contain.

• Business assessment. Besides the SEO parts, an SEO audit must also assess your company and business model. The factors that make your company unique and that will help it attract more clients must be discovered. Your competitors must be researched. And the optimal keywords must be chosen. Also, the reports must explain in detail the decisions of the SEO company.

• Errors and problems explanation. Yes, the errors and problems found must also be explained. This will help your clients understand how their SEO efforts are negatively affected and why they need to invest in professional SEO to grow their companies faster. And by introducing all the explanations, your clients will also trust your agency more than in the past.

• Short and long-term solutions. And lastly, after the errors and problems are explained, a short-term and long-term solution must be presented. This will not only increase the trust of your clients again, but it will increase the chances that they will continue to use the services of your agency. Keep in mind that the short-term solutions must take care of by most or all the problems discovered by the audit. While the long-term ones must ensure the SEO success of the clients.

2. What Is the Best Type of White Label SEO Service for the Technical Part of Your Site?