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Cookies Policy

Gamit Web Services uses cookies to improve the services and the Client’s experience with the Company’s website. These cookies are used in accordance with current laws and regulations and were carefully chosen by our Company to ensure the privacy and protection of the Clients’ personal data. Respecting the personal information...
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Terms and Conditions

GAMIT Web Sevices – Terms and Conditions 1. Definitions “Company” refers to Gamit Web Services as a provider of digital marketing services. “Client” means a person or a company who uses the services of Gamit Web Services. “Company’s website” refers to the website owned by Gamit Web Services. “Client’s Website”...
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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 1. Introduction Gamit Web Services understands how important is the privacy of the Client’s information and that you should be completely knowledgeable of the way your information is used. This section on privacy policy explains how our Company collects data through our website, how we protect it...
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